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They say that only pharmacists can create truly effective cosmetics, thanks to their ability to combine medicinal herbs and other ingredients to achieve the best possible effect. This approach is widely used in the production of cosmeceuticals, special products born from the combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. One of the brightest examples of cosmeceutical brands is Agafia’s First Aid Kit, owned and produced by OOO Pervoe Reshenie (“First Solution”), Russia.

Cosmeceutical products labelled as Agafia’s First Aid Kit are based on traditional recipes recorded by Siberian herbalist Agafia Yermakova, combined with the achievements of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. The line incudes shampoos, active hair serums, hair ampoules with vegetable oils and herbal extracts, intensive facial creams, foot creams, various rubs and balms, and bath salts.

Each cosmeceutical product by Agafia’s First Aid Kit is specifically designed to solve particular skin or hair problems. For example, the brand’s shampoos can cope with dandruff, seborrhoea, brittle hair and split ends, hair loss, etc. To complement and enhance the effect of shampoos, the brand offers anti-dandruff hair serum, anti-hair loss serum, strengthening hair complex, anti-dandruff hair complex, anti-hair loss complex, regenerative complex for dry and damaged hair, etc.

Key ingredients contained in Agafia’s First Aid Kit products include highly active medicinal herb extracts, vitamins, natural vegetable and essential oils. Some of them are certified organic. Each product has been clinically tested in the State Scientific Centre of Dermatovenereology and Cosmetology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The results of the testing have confirmed the useful properties declared by the manufacturer.

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