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Agafia's Herbs is a cosmetic series developed by the Russian company “Pervoe Reshenie” (First Solution) known for its numerous cosmetic brands such as Granny Agafia's Recipes and Organic Shop. The series is designed for use in a steam room (for example, in the Russian banya). Agafia's Herbs combines ancient Siberian traditional recipes with modern technology and scientific accomplishments to provide your hair and skin with natural care.

In Russia, going to the banya is at the same time a hygienic procedure, a well-aged custom and an important part of Russian culture. A steam room is a place where people can relax and forget about their problems. Women use a steam room for spa treatment because steam opens the pores and enhances the effect of cosmetic products. This is exactly why the Agafia's Herbs series was created. These products are formulated with essential oils, vegetable oils and herbal extracts and are perfect for use in a steam room.

Traditional healers have been using Siberian medicinal herbs to cure various diseases since ancient times. Today, extracts and oils derived from these herbs are actively used in official medicine and cosmetic production. Agafia's Herbs offers a wide range of products formulated with 37 herbs. They include shampoos, hair masks, herbal elixirs, soaps, face masks, body masks, massage creams, foot scrubs, bath salts and handmade anti-cellulite soaps. Agafia's Herbs products cope with common skin and hair problems, nourish and condition your hair and skin.

Agafia's Herbs cosmetics can be used for home aromatherapy treatment because each product in the series contains a combination of subtle natural flavours of wild Taiga herbs. While using Agafia's Herbs products, you can enjoy the fresh smell of pine needles, sage or wormwood, invigorating scents of peppermint and lemon balm, gentle and soothing aroma of chamomile, pungent smell of juniper, or sweet aroma of natural herbal honey. Some of the aromas are meant to give you a mood boost, while others help to relax.

Agathia's Herbs transforms thermal bathing in a steam room into an exceptional pleasure, a luxurious health and body ritual. But you don't have to go to a steam room to use these products, they are perfectly suitable for use during a regular shower or bath. All products branded as Agafia's Herbs can be combined with other Agafia's brands and series such as Granny Agafia's Recipes, Agafia's Bath and 5 Juices for a better effect. You can find all these brands at our online shop Organic Store.