Safe and Natural Lip Balms by Agor

Safe and Natural Lip Balms by Agor If you use lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick or any other lip product, you inevitably ingest some of it during the day. That’s why it is very important that your lip balm contains only safe ingredients that won’t cause any harm to your digestive tract. If you’re looking for a safe and at the same time effective lip product, check out eco lip balms produced by Agor.

Agor is a Ukrainian beauty brand that produces natural and organic cosmetics (from skincare products to shampoos to toothpastes) and dietary supplements (herbal and fruit powders, kelp powder, etc.). Natural lip balms are the latest addition to its product range. Agor offers five lip balms, which are exclusively formulated with natural ingredients and have undergone strict quality control.

Agor lip balms are based on a blend of natural waxes, such as capping wax, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, and apple wax. All waxes are highly purified and have a positive effect on the thin and delicate skin of the lips. Thanks to their long shelf life, the waxes help to maintain a stable texture of the lip balms for a long time.

Capping wax is a special kind of beeswax that bees produce to cover cured honey in their honeycombs. Capping wax is considered superior to regular beeswax because it has a different chemical composition and a wider range of useful properties. That’s why Agor uses capping wax in its lip balms instead of regular beeswax.

Candelilla wax, carnauba wax and apple wax are all obtained from plants. They are usually mixed with other waxes to harden them without raising their melting point. Besides, plant-based waxes can be used as a substitute for beeswax in products designed for vegans or people allergic to bee products. All waxes are safe if accidentally swallowed, and they effectively protect the lips from moisture loss and harmful environmental factors.

Alongside waxes, Agor lip balms contain carrier oils, such as olive oil, cocoa butter, crambe oil, cupuaçu butter, kokum oil, raspberry seed oil, mango seed butter, Cape chestnut (yangu) oil, coconut oil, pine nut oil, and safflower oil. Each of these oils has a powerful nourishing and moisturising effect. They provide the skin of the lips with nutrients and help to maintain its healthy hydro-lipid balance. In addition, the oils help to protect the skin from UV rays, speed up the healing of cracks and other minor injuries, and stimulate skin regeneration and renewal.

The healing effect of carrier oils is complemented and enhanced by carefully selected, highly purified CO2 extracts obtained from various plants, including walnut, rosemary, licorice, comfrey, sea buckthorn, ginger, rose hip, etc. Carbon dioxide extraction allows to extract more biologically active substances from raw plant materials; besides, liquefied carbon dioxide is easily removed from the final product, ensuring the highest degree of purification.

Other active ingredients that can be found in Agor lip balms include essential oils (tangerine, lemon, cedarwood and fir), vegetable squalane, bisabolol, glycyrrhizinic acid, lutein, and vitamins. They soften, heal and revitalise the skin of the lips, create a thin protective layer against UV rays and harmful environmental factors, relieve skin dryness, irritation and flaking, improve skin elasticity and firmness, and help to make the lips soft, smooth and supple.

All ingredients in Agor lip balms are completely safe for your health and won’t harm your digestive tract if accidentally swallowed. Each lip balm has a light smell (due to essential oil) and a nice texture. They glide on easily and don’t leave the lips feeling greasy or sticky. Each of the five lip balms produced by Agor is designed to perform specific tasks.

Amulet and Biox lip balms are designed for daily protection, hydration, nourishment, and softening of the lips. Amulet Eco Lip Balm has a nice citrus smell, while Biox Eco Lip Balm is banana-flavoured. No Gerp Eco Lip Balm has anti-herpes properties; it is designed for people who often suffer from cold sores. Unicorn Eco Lip Balm has been created for children aged 3 or older. It contains vanilla extract for a pleasant smell and licorice root extract for a sweet taste. Finally, Vegana Eco Lip Balm by Agor is specifically designed for vegans. It is 100% free of animal ingredients, including beeswax that can be found in the other four lip balms.

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