Algae Cosmetics for Smooth and Glowing Skin

Algae Cosmetics for Smooth and Glowing Skin Algae (seaweeds) are an important source of nutrients. They provide many vitamins and are rich in minerals such as iodine, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium. Edible seaweeds are national foods in many countries, especially in Asia. They are also widely used in cosmetics due to their wide range of useful properties. What are the main benefits of algae cosmetics?

Algae form a large and extremely diverse group of organisms. Some may grow up to 50 metres in length, while other consists of only one cell. Edible seaweeds typically belong to one of several groups of algae: the brown algae, green algae, or red algae. Common edible seaweeds include different varieties of kelp (sugar kelp, wakame, kombu), sea lettuce, sea grapes, Irish moss, nori, and others. Among them, kelp is probably most often used as a cosmetic ingredient.

Most varieties of kelp are rich in iodine. They also contain other minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc), vitamins (C, E, K, B vitamins), carbohydrates, and protein. Some kinds of kelp contain alginic acid (alginate). Due to its ability to form a viscous gum through binding with water, alginate is a common ingredient in peel-off facial masks.

Kelp extract is often used in skincare products as a nourishing and moisturising ingredient that helps to improve skin elasticity and has a rejuvenating effect. For example, Organic Algae & Mud Face Mask by Organic Shop is formulated with kelp extract and bladderwrack extract that deeply nourish the skin, providing it with vitamin A, vitamin E and minerals.

Facial masks and creams with algae extract are perfect for taking care of dry, dull, and ageing skin. Kelp helps to stimulate skin cell metabolism and microcirculation, as well as produces a lifting and rejuvenating effect. That’s why many beauty brands have included algae cosmetics in their anti-age lines.

Algae cosmetics are also great for problem skin. Algae extracts regulate sebum secretion and prevent common oily and combination skin problems, such as oily shine and acne.

When used regularly, algae cosmetics enhance and maintain skin elasticity, help to keep the skin hydrated, make it soft and silky smooth, and prevent premature skin ageing. Besides, kelp provides the skin with vitamins and other nutrients, reduces the negative effects of free radicals and UV rays, produces a cleansing effect, and soothes irritated skin.

Algae extracts can also be found in hair care products. There are algae cosmetics for all hair types. For example, hair care products with kelp extract for dry hair help to keep the hair hydrated from roots to ends, as well as prevent brittle hair and split ends. Shampoos and other products for oily hair prevent hair roots from getting greasy and keep the hair looking fresh and clean for a long time because kelp helps to regulate sebum secretion.

Hair products with kelp are perfect for taking care of thin and weak hair prone to falling out. Kelp extract provides hair follicles with vitamins and nutrients, as well as stimulates microcirculation in the scalp, reducing hair loss and stimulating hair growth. It also helps to restore the hair’s natural shine, relieves itchy scalp, and prevents dandruff.

You can find personal care products with algae extract in our online shop Organic Store. We offer algae cosmetics produced by brands such as Agor, Organic Shop, Green Pharmacy, YAKA, Aromatika, and others. We deliver internationally to any country within the jurisdiction of the UPU (Universal Postal Union). Keep your hair and skin healthy and beautiful with algae cosmetics and Organic Store!

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