Dizolve Eco-strips Laundry Detergent

Dizolve Eco-strips Laundry Detergent People concerned with their health and the environment choose safe, natural, green and eco-friendly household products to keep their families and the planet healthy. To make your laundry washing chore healthier and kinder to the environment, Canadian company Dizolve has created eco-strips laundry detergent formulated with biodegradable ingredients which are highly effective and at the same time 100% safe.

Environmental destruction caused by human activity is a global problem that is going on every day. One of the major environmental issues is pollution. Some of the household chemicals contribute to water and soil pollution, entering the environment via water drains. For example, phosphates contained in many laundry detergents stimulate excessive growth of aquatic plants and plankton in water bodies, causing imbalance in ecosystems. Some laundry stain removers contain chlorine bleach, which also contributes to pollution. To reduce damage, environmentally conscious consumers choose safe, biodegradable laundry detergents.

Canadian company Dizolve offers one of the most sustainable laundry detergents available today. A few years ago, its founders set out on a mission to invent an easier, healthier, more economical and environmentally friendly way to clean laundry. That’s how eco-strips laundry detergent was born. Dizolve detergent strips contain only safe ingredients, they are economical and have a long shelf life. The manufacturer recommends its product be used within 3 years of purchase, which is much longer than a 6 to 12 months shelf life recommended for most powder and liquid detergents.

Eco-strips laundry detergent is an economical way to do laundry. One strip is designed for one load (a standard single load is 3 to 5 kg of lightly soiled dry laundry washed in moderately hard water). You can use more strips if your laundry is extra soiled, the load size is extra large, or the water is very hard. You can also use half a strip for hand-washing or small loads. Dizolve strips allow you to be flexible with the amount of detergent you use without having to deal with messy measuring caps.

Dizolve laundry detergent is suitable for various fabrics, including synthetics, cotton, and wool. However, you should keep in mind that it’s best to follow the recommendations of clothing manufacturers specified on the labels. For example, wool fabric manufacturers typically recommend hand-washing or dry-cleaning. Luckily, Dizolve eco-strips can be used for hand-washing. By the way, they are equally effective in hot and in cold water.

Key ingredients contained in Dizolve eco-strips laundry detergent are starch, vegetable glycerine, biodegradable surfactants (sodium coco sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, lauryl dimethyl amine oxide, alkyl polyglycoside, and others), non-hazardous water softeners, natural essential oil blends which give the laundry a fresh fragrance, and potassium sorbate (a food-grade preservative).

Dizolve detergent strips are hypoallergenic because they do not contain any synthetic ingredients that are known allergens. Their hypoallergenic properties have been certified by independent dermatologists.

Disolve laundry detergent is also vegan. The manufacturer doesn’t use animal-based ingredients or tests on animals, nor does it work with suppliers that test on animals.

Dizolve prides itself on the fact that its product has a smaller eco-footprint than mass-market powder and liquid detergents. Its packaging uses less plastic, and due to being compact, detergent strips help to reduce transportation carbon emissions and fuel consumption. Besides, Dizolve strips dissolve completely and are safe for septics.

Eco-strips laundry detergent is very easy to use. All you need to do is detach a strip, place it inside your washer (for top load washers) or tear it into pieces and place in detergent dispenser (for front load washers), add laundry and start the washer. That’s all!

Detergent strips by Dizolve are an innovative solution for people who care about the environment and at the same time want to get their laundry clean and fresh with a minimum of effort, in all types of washers and at any water temperature. You can buy eco-strips laundry detergent in our online store Organic Shop. We also offer environmentally friendly laundry products produced by other brands such as BIO Nanny, Organic Control, KLYAKSA, BIO Green, A-sens kids, Ambra, and n0% green home.

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