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Veda Vedica Tooth Powders Tooth powder used to be a common dentifrice but since the invention of modern toothpaste most people have preferred it to tooth powder. However, you shouldn’t dismiss tooth powder just yet. For example, herbal tooth powders are just as effective as most toothpastes and do not contain any potentially harmful ingredients.

The earliest mention of tooth powder dates back to ancient Rome. Romans used a variety of powdered substances (bones, horns and hooves of certain animals, murex and oyster shells, egg shells), sometimes mixed with honey, myrrh, minerals, and other natural ingredients. In the 20th century, baking soda became the most commonly used tooth powder, although it has now been mostly supplanted by commercial toothpastes.

Modern toothpastes typically consist of water, abrasives, fluorides, surfactants, antibacterial agents, remineralisers, and flavourants. Although these ingredients are effective and help to remove dental plaque, prevent cavities and keep the breath fresh, some of them are associated with health concerns. For example, fluoride-containing toothpastes might be dangerous for young children; PEG (polyethylene glycol) and synthetic surfactants (SLS/SLES) contained in many toothpastes might cause hypersensitivity; whitening ingredients might damage tooth enamel, etc.

Taking these concerns into account, some people prefer natural tooth powders to commercial toothpastes. For example, Ayurvedic tooth powders by Veda Vedica are formulated with halite (also known as rock salt; the natural form of sodium chloride) and powdered Ayurvedic herbs that have pronounced antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. These tooth powders are very finely ground so their tiny particles won’t damage your tooth enamel or cause gum bleeding. They do not contain any synthetic ingredients that may cause hypersensitivity or result in nausea or vomiting when ingested.

Veda Vedica offers two types of tooth powder: Blue Herbal Whitening Tooth Powder and Red Herbal Healing Tooth Powder. Both are designed to take complete care of your oral cavity, but the first one has more pronounced whitening properties, while the second one helps to reduce gum bleeding and prevent common periodontal problems. Let’s take a closer look at each of these tooth powders.

Veda Vedica’s Whitening Tooth Powder is formulated with Indian barberry, neem, amla, bibhitaki, black pepper, clover, cinnamon, catechu, turmeric, manjistha, haritaki, arjuna, babul, bakula, yellow mangosteen, vajradanti, licorice, and nutmeg. These herbs help to make tooth enamel visibly whiter without damaging it, prevent the formation of dental plaque and tartar, prevent gum bleeding and strengthen the gums, and help to keep your breath fresh for hours. This tooth powder effectively prevents teeth stains caused by tea, coffee, wine, tobacco, and colouring foods.

The brand’s Healing Tooth Powder is specifically designed to prevent tooth decay and periodontal problems. Its key ingredients are hematite powder, vijayasar, neem, amla, bibhitaki, black pepper, cinnamon, clover, catechu, turmeric, manjistha, arjuna, haritaki, bakula, babul, nutmeg, licorice, vajradanti, and yellow mangosteen. Hematite powder effectively cleanses the teeth, while Ayurvedic herbs produce a strong anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericidal, and analgesic effect. They prevent dental plaque, tartar, tooth decay, gum bleeding, periodontal disease, bad breath, and other common oral problems.

Although natural tooth powders by Veda Vedica are not supposed to damage tooth enamel, they are not suitable for daily use. To keep your teeth clean and your oral cavity healthy, use tooth powder 2–3 times a week and clean your teeth with a natural toothpaste on the rest of the days. You can also sprinkle some powder on top of your regular toothpaste (if this toothpaste is low-abrasive).

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