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Bio Crystal is a line of natural and effective dishwashing liquids produced by the pharmaceutical scientific research centre Alliance of Beauty. They are formulated with safe surfactants and lemon extract that help to cope even with the most persistent dirt, and are safe for your health and the environment.

Alliance of Beauty is a Ukrainian company founded in 2000. Originally, it was engaged in the distribution of cosmetics produced by Belarusian manufacturers. However, in 2004 Alliance of Beauty released its first product branded as My Caprice. The company’s own pharmaceutical scientific research centre of the same name was opened in 2007.

Today Alliance of Beauty is one of Ukraine’s leading manufacturers of personal and household care products. Thanks to modern equipment and fully automated manufacturing processes, the company produces over 350 products, from shampoos and shower gels to dishwashing liquids and air fresheners. All products contain high-quality natural ingredients and comply with European quality standards.

Alliance of Beauty owns and produces several household care brands that have one thing in common: the products they offer are natural, safe, environmentally friendly, effective and affordable. These brands include nO% green home, Organic Control and Bio Crystal.

Bio Crystal by Alliance of Beauty offers effective dish soaps with lemon extract. They are free of chlorine, phosphates and other potentially irritating and dangerous ingredients that have a negative effect on skin and pollute the environment. Not only are they safe, but they also easily remove dirt and grease in water of any temperature, making your dishes squeaky clean and shiny.

Bio Crystal dishwashing liquids also help to take care of the skin of your hands. Due to carefully selected ingredients, they do not irritate the skin or dry it out. Besides, they are enriched with glycerine that has a strong moisturising effect and helps to keep the skin hydrated. With Bio Crystal dish soaps, you can even do the dishes without gloves! Another great thing about these products is that they last long and thus help to save your family budget.