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Dr. Sante Burdock Series is a natural hair care brand produced by the Ukrainian group of companies “Elfa”. Its products are formulated with natural burdock oil and extracts and enriched with active herbal ingredients which prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The burdock series comprises 5 effective products. They are: burdock shampoo, concentrated hair conditioner, hair serum, express (2 minute) hair mask and natural burdock oil.

Burdock root is a valuable source of nutrients which are good for the hair. In some countries, it is used in folk medicine, and women have been using it for hair care for a long time. Decades ago, they started to mash burdock root, mix it with vegetable oil and then apply this oily macerate to hair roots. Such hair masks proved to be effective and the remedy made with burdock root and vegetable oil was named burdock oil.

Modern techniques have allowed cosmetic manufacturers to produce burdock oil preserving the maximum amount of biologically active substances contained in the raw material. Dr. Sante Burdock Series is formulated with this kind of high-quality burdock oil. It effectively nourishes and strengthens the hair and stimulates its growth, makes it look healthy and beautiful.

The effect of burdock oil is enhanced by other active ingredients of plant origin such as black radish extract and inulin (naturally occurring polysaccharides extracted from Jerusalem artichoke). Together these ingredients make up a unique complex known as Trioradix complex which intensively provides hair follicles with nutrients and stimulates the growth of healthy and strong hair.

The products branded as Dr. Sante Burdock series also contain other plant ingredients such as natural oils (wheat germ oil, walnut oil, Siberian pine nut oil, olive oil), aloe vera leaf juice, eucalyptus essential oil, ginger essential oil, cinnamon essential oil. Some of them are enriched with panthenol and keratin. All the products are free of silicones and colourants. The shampoo does not contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) or SLES (sodium laureth sulfate).