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Dr. Sante Camomile is a cosmetic series produced by Dr. Sante, a well-known Ukrainian beauty brand. It is comprised of beauty products specifically designed to take care of highly sensitive and allergy prone skin. Dr. Sante Camomile Allergy STOP! is manufactured by the group of companies Elfa which owns the Dr. Sante brand.

If your skin is highly sensitive to external irritants and prone to allergic reactions such as redness, itchiness, flaking and rash, you probably can’t use most mass market beauty products because there is a high probability that they may cause said allergic reactions. Dr. Sante Camomile products are safer and more effective than mass market ones. They gently care for sensitive skin and protect it from harmful environmental factors. Moreover, they stimulate the skin’s own protective mechanisms.

Dr. Sante Camomile cosmetics strengthen the lipid structures of the epidermis, help to restore and maintain the skin’s moisture balance, prevent premature skin aging due to their natural ingredients which have antioxidant properties.

All Camomile Allergy STOP! products are formulated with bisabolol and white cotton extract. Bisabolol is one of the most popular and effective natural cosmetic ingredients which have soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties (along with panthenol and allantoin). It is derived from chamomile essential oil. White cotton extract is known for its softening effect. It also helps to improve skin elasticity and provides protection to oversensitive epidermis, reducing skin irritability.

All products in the series are hypoallergenic. It is confirmed by pre-clinical studies in Polish and Ukrainian cosmetic centers (both the company’s own research facilities and independent centers). Dr. Sante Camomile series has quality certificates compliant with the European Union standards.

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