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Skincare products for oily and combination skin are designed to cope with common problems of these skin types caused by increased sebum secretion (oily shine, clogged pores, acne) as well as to matte the skin. Dr. Sante Cucumber Balance Control is a line of cosmetic products developed by the specialists of Elfa Laboratories (Ukraine) for oily and combination skin. These beauty products make oily skin look healthier and improve complexion.

The name of the series makes it easy to guess that natural cucumber extract is one of its key active ingredients. Cucumber has been used for skin care for a long time. It helps to fade freckles, improve complexion, tighten open pores and normalise sebum secretion. The effect of cucumber extract in Cucumber Balance Control cosmetics is enhanced by saw palmetto extract and special patented complexes Vital ET® and Acnacidol® developed by Elfa Laboratories. Besides, Cucumber Balance Control products contain natural UV filters such as shea butter and rooibos extract.

The series consists of skin care products that produce three kinds of effect. First, they help to cope with common problems of oily and combination skin such as open pores, oily shine, inflammation, acne, redness, dehydration, and others. Second, they normalise sebum secretion and hydro-lipid balance in epidermal cells to prevent the aforementioned problems from re-emerging. Third, they localise the nidi of skin inflammation and thus prevent inflammation from spreading due to special anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Dr. Sante Cucumber Balance Control includes a wide range of skincare products suitable for everyday use. They include mineral mask, foam cleanser, gentle gel peeling cleanser, make-up remover lotion, antibacterial face toner, micellar water, matting face cream, rejuvenating eye cream, scrub mask. The products are most effective when used in a combination.