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Oily Rich by Dr. Sante is a skincare line based on a blend of 10 natural oils. It is specifically designed to take care of dry, sensitive, and dehydrated skin. The brand is owned and produced by Elfa, a well-known Ukrainian-Polish group of companies, whose natural cosmetics and household products are very popular in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

Dr. Sante Oily Rich is one of the brand’s newest and most innovative skincare lines. It comprises a day face cream, a night face cream, and an eye cream. All three creams are formulated with a blend of valuable vegetable oils which takes good care of dry skin, helping to restore and maintain its natural health and beauty.

One of the key ingredients contained in Dr. Sante Oily Rich creams is grapeseed oil. A very light cosmetic oil that absorbs almost instantly, it prevents premature skin ageing, neutralises the harmful effects of free radicals, and improves skin elasticity. Rose hip oil is a rich source of B vitamins, vitamins C, E, P and K, and other nutrients. Almond oil intensively nourishes the skin and helps to regulate its hydro-lipid balance.

Other vegetable oils contained in Oily Rich creams include mango seed butter, shea butter, milk thistle seed oil, peach kernel oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, and avocado oil. These oils effectively restore and maintain skin elasticity, stimulate skin regeneration and renewal, improve complexion, make the skin soft and velvety smooth, help to keep it hydrated, and prevent irritated and flaky skin.

Dr. Sante Oily Rich products are specifically designed to take care of dry skin, as well as delicate skin around the eyes. They help to cope with common dry skin problems such as flaking, irritation and tightness. These creams keep the skin looking and feeling fresh, young and radiant. If you use them regularly, your skin will get one step closer to perfection every day.

All products labelled as Oily Rich by Dr. Sante are free of parabens and other potentially harmful or irritating ingredients. They undergo strict quality control at all stages of production. You can buy Oily Rich creams, as well as other products by Dr. Sante, in our online shop Organic Store. All you need to do is pick the creams you’d like to try, add them to your shopping cart and submit your order. Our manager will contact you with payment details as soon as possible.