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Dr. Sante Retinol Plus is a collection of anti-age skincare products produced by Elfa, a Ukrainian-Polish group of companies. The key active ingredient in these products is encapsulated retinol, the safest and most stable form of retinol, characterised by its powerful ability to penetrate skin.

Retinol, also known as vitamin A, is sometimes dubbed the “vitamin of beauty” due to its wide range of skin benefits. For example, it stimulates the regeneration of damaged skin, boosts the production of collagen and elastin, restores a healthy complexion, helps to prevent photoageing, improves skin firmness, relieves inflammation, normalises sebum secretion, promotes skin renewal, and makes the skin smoother.

Since the pure form of retinol is unstable, it is rarely used as a cosmetic ingredient. Instead, cosmetics are typically formulated with retinol derivatives or, on the contrary, precursors, which are more stable than pure retinol. The main drawback of such ingredients is that they need to undergo a chain of transformations in order to “turn” into retinol and start working. Because of this, they may lose some of their benefits before they reach the deeper layers of the skin.

Encapsulated retinol is as stable as retinol derivatives/precursors and at the same time has all the beneficial properties of pure retinol. It is considered the safest form of vitamin A used in skincare. Encapsulated retinol has a liposomal delivery system that allows it to penetrate biological membranes better than other forms of retinol. As a result, encapsulated retinol is considered more effective than other forms of retinol used in cosmetic products.

Dr. Sante Retinol Plus skincare products with encapsulated retinol are designed for mature skin (age 35 or older) and are suitable for all skin types. The collection currently consists of three products — a night cream for intense skin renewal, an anti-wrinkle concentrate, and an ultra soft face cleansing gel, suitable for the skin around the eyes.

In all Retinol Plus beauty products, the effect of retinol is complemented by other active ingredients, such as shea butter, inulin, and lecithin. Thanks to the combined effect of these ingredients, these products effectively prevent premature skin ageing and help to preserve the skin’s firmness, elasticity, smoothness, freshness, as well as to prevent dehydration and protect the skin from the environment.

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