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Ukrainian beauty brand Dr. Sante presents its new skincare collection for all skin types titled Dr. Sante Vitamin C. It is based on highly concentrated, stabilised vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The collection includes day and night creams, an express serum, and a vitamin cocktail for the skin around the eyes, which help to restore the natural healthy glow of tired and dull skin.

Vitamin C is a powerful natural antioxidant. It slows down the oxidation process, stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, makes the skin firmer, reduces pigmentation and wrinkles, and tightens pores. Dr. Sante Vitamin C products are formulated with a special, highly concentrated and stable, form of vitamin C that has maximum skincare benefits. It is combined with other natural active ingredients to take the best care of your skin.

Products from Dr. Sante’s Vitamin C collection intensively moisturise, nourish and freshen up the skin, even out skin tone and restore the skin’s natural glow, boost skin elasticity and firmness, and have a rejuvenating and revitalising effect. Alongside vitamin C, all products contain an enzyme catalyst, which boosts the effect of vitamin C, VitaHerbs vitamin complex, a blend of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, hyaluronic spheres, SymWhite complex, and Wrinkle Filler system.

Dr. Sante Vitamin C products are designed for women aged 25 to 45, who live in a big city and need to reduce the effects of stress and pollution on their skin. Each product from this collection has a thoroughly developed formula, which allows to achieve high efficiency in slowing down the skin ageing process, speeding up the healing of minor skin injuries, restoring the skin after various aggressive procedures (such as, for example, chemical peels), and reducing the negative effects of everyday stress.

100% stabilised vitamin C contained in the brand’s products doesn’t oxidise upon contact with the air, which makes it much more effective than less stable forms of this vitamin. An enzyme catalyst in the formulas of these products acts as a kind of booster and conductor, helping vitamin C to penetrate into the deeper levels of the skin and increasing its effect.

A special complex of “female” vitamins (vitamins A, B, E, F, PP) helps to preserve the youthfulness and beauty of the skin. Hyaluronic spheres, which combine low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, affect all layers of the skin, providing them with moisture and preventing dehydration, as well as producing an anti-age effect. SymWhite (a complex of plant-based active ingredients reduces dark circles under the eyes and evens out skin tone, and Wrinkle Filler (an active polymer system) evens out fine lines, reduces deeper wrinkles, and makes the skin soft and smooth.

Dr. Sante Vitamin C skincare products are designed for modern women, who love themselves and their youth and know how to stop time. These products are so popular because they contain natural ingredients (and no dyes or parabens) and are really affordable. You can include them in your skincare routine even if you’re on a tight budget.