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Dishwashers are a wonderful invention that helps us to save time and effort on washing dishes. If you’re planning to buy a dishwasher, one of the most important things you should know about them is that dishwashers can’t use regular dish soap; they are designed to work using specifically formulated dishwasher detergent. Check out Grün TAB, a collection of eco-friendly and safe dishwasher detergents and other products for dishwashers produced by the Ukrainian-Polish group of companies Elfa.

The Grün TAB collection encompasses a full range of products that your dishwasher needs to function properly, including triple effect dishwasher detergent gel, multi-purpose dishwasher tablets, rinse aid, dishwasher salt, and dishwasher cleaner. All Grün TAB products are biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.

In addition, Grün TAB dishwasher detergents are completely safe for human health. They do not leave streaks on the surface of the dishes and are easily rinsed off with water. All products in the collection are certified vegan, which means that they contain no animal-based ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Grün TAB dishwasher products are also very easy to use. They make the dishes squeaky clean and shiny, removing tea and coffee stains, burnt food residue and other dirt and impurities, and leave plates, cups, glasses, pots, pans, cutlery, etc. looking impeccable. The company’s specialists have made sure that all Grün TAB products extend the service life of your dishwasher, protecting its parts from scale deposits and softening the water.

As we’ve already mentioned above, the Grün TAB collection includes everything you need for your dishwasher, which is especially convenient for those who’ve just bought and installed their first dishwasher, but haven’t purchased any dishwasher products yet. You can buy Grün TAB products at an affordable price in our online shop Organic Store. You can place an order right now, and we will deliver it to almost any part of the world.