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Himalaya Herbals is a well known Indian cosmetic brand produced by Himalaya Drug Company. It offers high-quality natural products for skin and hair care which combine ancient Ayurvedic tradition and latest innovation of the modern cosmetic industry. Himalaya Herbals beauty products are safe and effective, they help to restore the natural beauty and health of your skin and hair.

All Himalaya's products are formulated with herbal ingredients grown on the company's farmland. Himalaya Drug Company is a research-oriented company, its emphasis on research and development allows Himalaya to produce safe and effective products using Ayurvedic principles and recipes. The company pays much attention to quality control and standardisation, all its produces are derived through rigorous research. Each product undergoes years of preliminary research and trials before it reaches the market.

Himalaya Herbals offers a wide range of face, hair, body, oral, lip, and eye care products. For example, its face care products include cleansers and toners, face creams, face lotions, face packs, face scrubs, face washes, peel-off masks. For hair care, Himalaya offers hair creams, hair oils, shampoos and conditioners. Its major body care products are body lotions, soaps and creams. Himalaya Herbals also produces toothpastes, lip balms and butters, eye creams, men's care products. This list can go on and on.

Not only do Himalaya Herbals cosmetics provide effective and safe care, they also help to live in harmony with nature. Himalaya Drug Company manufactures its products in accordance with modern environmental requirements. Besides, as it has already been mentioned, it aims to bring Ayurveda to modern society in a contemporary form, unravelling the mystery behind the 5,000 year old Indian system of traditional medicine. Ayurveda teaches us to respect the gifts of nature and be thankful for them instead of blindly consuming everything that nature has to give.

Today, Himalaya's products are well-known and popular in over 90 countries on different continents. If you want to try high-quality Ayurvedic cosmetics, you can buy them at our online shop Organic Store. We offer reasonable pricing, convenient payment methods and international delivery to any country within the jurisdiction of the UPU. Add the products you like to the shopping basket, submit your order and our manager will contact you to discuss the details.