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Ukrainian group of companies Sirena produces a wide range of safe and eco-friendly household cleaning products formulated with biodegradable detergents. One of its eight brands, HIPPO, is specifically designed for babies.

When a baby is born, most parents switch to special household cleaning products which are free of aggressive chemicals and potential allergens. Baby-friendly household cleaners help to keep your home non-toxic, which is especially important when your toddler starts crawling around and putting things in their mouth. They allow you to keep a clean home for your children without exposing them to toxins and allergens.

HIPPO is a great example of baby-friendly, effective and natural household products. The formulations were created by Sirena’s specialists based on more than a decade of experience in the production of household chemicals and taking into account the latest achievements of European scientists.

All products branded as HIPPO are based on naturally derived raw materials, including biodegradable surfactants. Such approach allows to create high-quality household products which are safe for your baby from the first days of their life, as well as environmentally friendly.

HIPPO products are completely free of hazardous and allergenic ingredients such as phosphates, parabens, chemical dyes, formaldehyde, chlorine, artificial colourants and fragrances, and other ingredients that might be dangerous for your baby’s health.

Household care products offered by HIPPO include fruit and vegetable wash, baby dishwashing gel, baby bottle soap with an antibacterial effect, mild laundry detergent for baby clothes and linen, baby fabric softener, stain remover cream for baby clothes and linen, and bleach for baby clothes and linen.

Each of these products is 100% safe and can be used daily. All products labelled as HIPPO are ISO 14024 compliant, which is confirmed by the Green Crane ecolabel on the packaging. Ecolabelling indicates that the manufacturer minimizes how its operations negatively affect the environment and complies with applicable laws and regulations.

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