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Pharmaceutical scientific research centre Alliance of Beauty (Ukraine) presents KLYAKSA (“Ink Blot”), an exclusive brand of children’s cosmetics. Natural products in bright bottles will transform everyday child care into a fun game so that you and your baby will look forward to baths.

KLYAKSA offers high-quality products for everyday child care, including conditioning shampoos, shampooing bath foams, facial cleansing gels, creamy soaps, sunscreen and sun protection products, as well as a line of laundry products and dish soaps specifically designed to wash baby clothes and dishes. They will help parents to take care of their children with ease.

All products by KLYAKSA are formulated taking into account the peculiarities of sensitive and delicate baby skin. They are free of parabens, colourants and fragrances which can provoke allergic reactions. Each of the products is infused with natural herbal extracts that help to take care of your baby’s skin and prevent dry, flaky and irritated skin.

Key ingredients contained in the baby care products branded as KLYAKSA are panthenol, vitamins A, C and E, and rose hip extract. Panthenol is known for its soothing, healing and regenerative effect. It accelerates the healing of minor skin injuries such as cuts, as well as helps to take care of sunburnt skin. Vitamins actively participate in biological processes in human body and produce an antioxidant effect, neutralising the harmful effects of free radicals. Rose hip extract has a bactericidal and nourishing effect.

KLYAKSA offers two types of sunscreen with different sun protection factors: maximum SPF 50 for the beach and pool and SPF 30 for daily walks. They effectively protect the baby’s skin from UVA/UVB rays and prevent irritation and flaking due to the high content of panthenol. Along with sunscreens, KLYAKSA’s line of sun protection products includes soothing and moisturising after tanning products suitable for both kids and adults.

For daily baths, KLYAKSA offers mild and effective bath and shower products. They are free of aggressive surfactants, such as SLS and SLES, do not dry the skin out or irritate the baby’s eyes. There’s even a special conditioning shampoo for girls with long hair that prevents hair from getting tangled and makes combing much easier.

Finally, safe laundry detergents, fabric softeners and dish soaps will help to remove dirt and stains of any kind. KLYAKSA dish soaps are completely safe for washing baby dishes, milk bottles, pacifiers, toys, and hard-skinned fruit and vegetables. All products are dermatologically tested by a Spanish laboratory and are infused with soothing and moisturising ingredients designed to take care of your hands. They do not irritate the skin and are completely safe for the environment.

KLYAKSA baby care products are noted for their bright and unusual bottles shaped like puzzle pieces and funny names that will help to transform your daily bath routine into an exciting game. Your baby will look forward to daily baths to meet his or her favourite cartoon characters portrayed on the bottles.

KLYAKSA offers natural, effective and safe cosmetics that will take good care of your baby’s skin and protect it from dehydration, harmful bacteria and allergies. Alliance of Beauty is on guard of your kid’s health!