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A series of natural mineral salt deodorants is produced by the US company Lafe's Natural BodyCare, also referred to as simply Lafe's. It comprises an array of effective and safe deodorants formulated with natural ingredients. All Lafe's deodorants are made with natural mineral salts (potassium alum) and do not contain potentially harmful ingredients such as aluminium chlorohydrate, phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, etc.

Lafe's was founded in 1992 by Lafe Larson. The company was originally named Discount Deodorant Stones and specialized in selling a variety of natural deodorants. Larson soon realised that to offer high-quality products made from the purest ingredients he needed to take control over the manufacturing process. In 1997, he started creating his own formulations. The company was named Lafe's to emphasize its owner's personal commitment to provide only quality personal care products.

Lafe's Natural BodyCare now offers a wide range of cosmetic products formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients. They include, but are not limited to, hair products (shampoos, conditioners, hair pomades, dry shampoos), lip balms, foot sprays, skincare products, baby care products. But natural mineral salt deodorants probably still remain the company's most popular products. Lafe's produces both deodorant crystals made with pure potassium alum and other types of deodorant that contain primarily natural mineral salts.

What kinds of deodorant does Lafe's Natural BodyCare offer? Along with deodorant crystals produced in different sizes, Lafe's sells twist sticks, roll-ons and sprays. All these deodorants are made with 100% natural and certified organic ingredients (natural mineral salts, essential oils and herbal extracts) and do not contain harmful chemicals. They effectively eliminate odour-causing bacteria and take gentle care of your skin.

Lafe's Natural BodyCare deodorant crystals, also known as deodorant rocks or deodorant stones, are made with potassium alum. This natural mineral salt eliminates the bacteria that cause body odour and inhibits their growth. Lafe's deodorant crystals do not reduce or stop perspiration and thus do not disturb thermoregulation. Therefore, they provide 24-hour protection from body odour without harming your health. Crystal deodorants are fragrance free and can be combined with any perfume.

Lafe's Natural BodyCare produces several kinds of deodorant crystals that differ in size and shape to suit all tastes. For example, a large crystal stone with a convenient dish is perfect for the entire family, while Lafe's Crystal Deodorant Stick in a convenient package has a smaller size which makes it ideal for travel. Note that even small deodorant stones last really long.

Lafe's Natural BodyCare deodorants do not stain clothing and leave no white residue. They contain no aluminium chlorohydrate or aluminium zirconium and are free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, gluten. Natural deodorants are hypoallergenic. They are not tested on animals and are completely safe for human health and the environment. With Lafe's deodorants, you are well protected from body odour 24 hours a day. All you have to do is moisten the top of the crystal and apply it to clean skin. That's all!

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