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Line of Beauty is a Ukrainian beauty brand, owned and produced by the pharmaceutical scientific research centre Alliance of Beauty. It offers a wide range of products for skin and hair care based on natural oils and herbal extracts that take good care of the skin and hair, providing them with essential nutrients.

Line of Beauty offers a great selection of shampoos, conditioning hair masks, shower gels, creams, soaps, intimate washes, and mouthwashes. The formula of each product has been thoroughly developed by the company’s skilled and experienced pharmacists. By using effective combinations of active ingredients (oils, extracts and vitamins) they have created a line of products for the best personal care routine, regardless of your skin and hair type.

Some of the key ingredients contained in Line of Beauty products include sweet almond oil, chamomile extract, thyme extract, linden extract, aloe vera leaf juice, sage oil, peach kernel oil, magnolia extract, nettle extract, honey, olive oil, cocoa butter, linseed oil, marigold extract, sea buckthorn oil, avocado oil, burdock oil, and many others. The company’s pharmacists have combined them in such a way that all ingredients complement and enhance each other’s effect.

All products labelled as Line of Beauty are free of sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), parabens, silicones, mineral oil and synthetic dyes. Their quality and safety are confirmed by national quality certificates.

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