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It is very important to pay attention to your child's well-being from the very first day of his or her life because baby's health can be very fragile. While the immune system is still developing, baby's body cannot protect itself from all harmful environmental factors. Delicate baby's skin also needs special care so you should choose only all-natural and completely safe baby care products made by trustworthy manufacturers.

Mama&Babу is a series of natural baby care products that are specifically designed for baby's skin and hair. These products are free of harmful synthetic ingredients (SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, artificial dyes, fragrances and preservatives). They have a neutral pH level and are highly effective. Mama&Baby cosmetics are produced by the Russian company Pervoe Reshenie (First Solution) known for a variety of natural and organic cosmetic brands such as Granny Agafia's Recipes, Baikal Herbals, Organic Shop, Organic Therapy and others.

Mama&Baby products are manufactured according to the same principles as the rest of the company's products. This means that they are made with natural ingredients (some of which are certified organic), are free of harmful (or potentially harmful) ingredients and safe for human health and the environment. Pervoe Reshenie prides itself on producing quality and eco friendly products that are safe for people of all ages, effective and at the same time affordable.

The key active ingredients of Mama&Baby personal care products are organic herbal extracts and organic oils (both vegetable and essential). But why organic? The matter is that such extracts and oils are obtained from pure and eco friendly raw materials. Plants that act as a source of organic extracts and oils are grown without the use of harmful chemicals (artificial fertilizers, pecticides) and are not subjected to chemical treatment. All oils and extracts are obtained via the cold pressed method which helps to preserve as much vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as possible.

What oils and extracts do Mama&Baby products contain? They are formulated with cosmetic oils such as apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, linseed oil, sea buckthorn oil, olive oil, peach kernel oil, chamomile oil. Herbal extracts contained in these products include aloe vera leaf juice, green tea extract, calendula extract, soapwort extract, chamomile extract, sage extract, meadowsweet extract, rose hip extract. These ingredients are known for their moisturising, nourishing, conditioning and soothing properties.

Mama&Baby products have a light texture and pleasant, natural scent. They will transform a regular bath into a very enjoyable procedure for both your baby and yourself. The series includes mild shampoos that do not sting eyes, hair conditioners, relaxing bath foams with herbal extracts, nourishing and moisturising baby creams, creamy liquid soap for sensitive skin, and wet wipes enriched with antiseptic ingredients.

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