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Today Italian cosmetics Natura House is well known in over sixty countries around the world. The company specialises in the production of natural cosmetics and health aids, food and herbal supplements. It offers a wide range of beauty products for all skin and hair types. Natura House products are remarkable for the high content of natural ingredients (98.5% and more). Their formulas contain only ingredients of natural origin, except for those absolutely necessary for the product stability which cannot be found as natural products.

Natural House cosmetics are produced by the Italian company of the same name based in the municipality of Orbassano, located about 15 kilometres south-west of Turin. The company (more precisely, its predecessor) was founded in 1970 by Mr and Mrs Spialtini. Since then, it has become well known both in Italy and abroad.

The company specialises in the production of all-natural cosmetic products formulated with medicinal herbs. Every day its research workers are searching for the most suitable raw materials to provide consumers with high-quality and safe products. They combine ancient Mediterranean beauty recipes with modern research to create cosmetics that contain all nature's goodness.

Natural House products are not tested on animals. Moreover, the company does not use the results of any animal tests carried out by other manufacturers. All Natura House cosmetics are produced and controlled following an internal strict discipline well-tested by several decades of experience. They are dermatologically tested with the cooperation of Pavia University and undergo thorough chemical, physical and microbiological control carried out in the company's own laboratories.

Cosmetic products branded as Natura House are free of silicones, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), mineral oils. Each product has a label which states the exact percentage of naturalness (i.e. the content of natural ingredients) – up to 99.7%! By choosing Natura House cosmetics you choose safe, natural and high-quality products compliant with strict European quality standards which will provide your skin and hair with truly luxurious and effective care.