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Natura Siberica presents Crazy Animals, a new cosmetic line inspired by ancient Siberian folklore. This line reveals the secret of power of four mysterious spirit animals of Siberian shamans. According to ancient legends, these animals protect the welfare of the family, provide luck in hunting and fishing, and, of course, protect people’s health.

Taiga bear owl, Khakassian wondercorn, Siberian tiger seal and Tuvan fish yak are unique mythic animals which are considered spirit guides and protectors by the native peoples of Siberia. Some ethnic groups in Siberia continue to observe shamanistic practices in modern time and ask these spirit animals for guidance and protection.

Taiga bear owl is considered to be the mistress of taiga and the caretaker of forests. She is also honored as the spiritual mother of all Siberian peoples. Tuvin fish yak is the spirit that provides luck in hunting and helps people lost in the taiga to find their way home. Siberian tiger seal is an ancient totem that embodies power, authority, courage and rage. Khakassian wondercorn was revered by peoples of Siberia as the host of the upper world.

With these ancient protective animal totems standing on guard of your health and beauty, Crazy Animals by Natura Siberica will take good care of your skin. The line includes a full range of products you need for your body care routine. There are shower gels, body scrubs, body creams, hand creams, and foot creams. All products are formulated with extracts and oils extracted from wild Siberian herbs and berries such as bearberry (kinnikinnick), lingonberry, cranberry, bilberry, сlary sage, and more. Other natural ingredients contained in these products include pine nut water, beeswax, wild Altai honey, and black bamboo salt from the Kuril Islands made according to an ancient Korean recipe.

Natura Siberica Crazy Animals cosmetics are based on natural ingredients, many of which are harvested in the wild or grown on the company’s own organic farm. Each of the products contains organic active ingredients. Personal care products branded as Crazy Animals are noted for their high content of useful substances and remarkable efficiency. They take good care of the skin without drying it out or causing irritation.

Crazy Animals by Natura Siberica is one of the company’s latest projects – the line was launched in 2016. These products have quickly become popular among consumers in Russia and neighbouring countries due to their high quality, affordable prices and original design that makes them stand out. If you want to uncover the secrets of Siberian spirit animals, check out the Crazy Animals line in our online shop Organic Store.