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NaturPro is a Ukrainian cosmetic company based in the city of Dnipro. It is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of natural skin and hair care products. The company’s philosophy is based on three key principles: natural ingredients, high quality and innovation. The main goal of NaturPro is to give customers the opportunity to make the most of the benefits of natural and organic personal care products that are able to reveal and maintain one’s natural beauty.

NaturPro prides itself on is thoroughly developed formulations based on natural ingredients, as well as smoothly functioning technology, professional approach and strict quality control at each stage of production. This allows to create eco-friendly products of the highest quality, which is confirmed by numerous quality certificates issued by various institutions. With NaturePro cosmetics, you can be sure that your skin and hair will get the best care.

NaturPro produces cosmetics under its own brands, offers contract manufacturing, and distributes other companies’ products in Ukraine. The company offers a wide range of products branded as NaturPro, including natural cosmetic clay infused with herbal extracts, clay-based face masks with herbal extracts and oils, plastifying alginate masks, natural Indian henna and indigo powder, and more.

Other brands owned and produced by NaturPro include EON (professional hair care products), Hair Trend (semi-professional hair care products), and Beauty Derm (skincare products for all skin types). The company also manufactures personal care products for Ukraine’s leading retail chains such as EVA, proStor, Watsons, and Cosmo.

One of the most popular cosmetic products offered by NaturPro is cosmetic clay infused with natural extracts and essential oils. The manufacturer uses various kinds of clay (black, red, blue, white, green and yellow), and each kind has a unique mineral composition and therefore a unique set of useful properties and skin benefits. For example, black clay normalises sebum secretion, red clay soothes irritated skin, white clay unclogs and tightens pores, blue clay prevents premature skin ageing, green clay has a toning effect, and yellow clay helps to get rid of toxins.

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