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Russian cosmetic manufacturer Pervoe Reshenie (“First Solution”) is known for is natural and organic beauty brands based on natural ingredients. For example, its New Lactimilk line is formulated with milk and dairy products. This is an updated version of the Lactimilk line that has already earned high marks from consumers.

Personal care products branded as New Lactimilk are based on dairy products which are rich in protein, amino acids, and other essential nutrients. While creating the New Lactimilk line and its predecessor, Lactimilk, the company’s leading specialists have extracted all the useful substances from milk and dairy products using the latest technology and then combined them with valuable vegetable oils and herbal extracts. That’s how high-quality products with unique formulations and light, delicate textures were born.

Compared to the “old” Lactimilk line, New Lactimilk has improved formulations. These products are formulated with organic extracts and oils certified by reputable European certification bodies, such as ECOCERT and ICEA. They also have more delicate textures and more pleasant smells than their predecessors. New Lactimilk products are free of parabens and other potentially irritating or harmful ingredients, and their effectiveness has been proven by clinical research.

New Lactimilk offers an impressive selection of skin, body and hair care products. The line includes shampoos, hair conditioners and masks, shower gels, body scrubs, body creams, bath foams, hand creams, magic face & body creams, liquid soap, foot creams, face cleansers, face scrubs, face masks, face & eye creams, and more.

These products are based on milk whey, a complex of lactic amino acids, hydrolysed milk protein, lactic acid, and other natural ingredients derived from milk or dairy products. Their effect is complemented and enhanced by high-quality oils, such as jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, olive oil, sea buckthorn oil, argan oil, peach kernel oil, lychee oil, and others. Besides, New Lactimilk products are enriched with valuable herbal extracts, hydrolysed silk protein, gold peptides, and other useful natural ingredients.

New Lactimilk cosmetics have absorbed the healing power of milk and dairy products, and have received carefully balanced, soft and delicate formulas, prompted by nature itself. As a result, these products are highly effective and perfectly suitable for both personal and professional use. Our online shop Organic Store offers New Lactimilk products at a reasonable price and delivers internationally to any country within the jurisdiction of the Universal Postal Union. Take care of your skin and hair with Lactimilk and Organic Store!