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Organic Beauty Farm is a natural cosmetic line produced by the Russian company Pervoe Reshenie (First Solution). Its comprises personal care products based on old beauty recipes that have been used by Russian village women for centuries. Organic Beauty Farm products are formulated with natural ingredients from environmentally friendly farms. They are free of synthetic fragrances and preservatives and not tested on animals.

In olden times, rural women used everyday foods as cosmetics to take care of their skin and hair. Products such as milk, eggs and honey became the key ingredients of homemade cosmetic products. Cosmetics branded as Organic Beauty Farm are made according to these old recipes that have been time-tested by generations of Russian women. As a result, these products are effective and at the same time affordable.

Organic Beauty Farm products are formulated with 100% natural products from sustainable farms located in Central Russia.

For instance, moose milk (also known as elk milk) is supplied by the famous Sumarokovo moose farm located in Kostroma Oblast. Whey is produced at an eco dairy farm also located in Kostroma Oblast. Honey and beeswax are supplied by the Bukin apiary in Volgograd Oblast. The Bulgakov farm, formerly known as the Sukhanov farm, supplies goat milk. The farm is located in Dmitrov Raion of Moscow Oblast. Egg protein is derived from eggs from the Lukino farm (Tula oblast). Each of these farms is known for high-quality products and humane treatment of animals.

At all of these farms animals are fed only natural feed without antibiotics or any other additives. Most animals are on free range which means they can roam freely outdoors, rather than being confined in an enclosure all day long. Free range farming in a safe, natural and healthy environment allows to obtain milk and eggs of excellent quality which are then transformed into safe and effective bio cosmetics.

Pervoe Reshenie’s Organic Beauty Farm line is the embodiment of going back to basics and making the most of time-proven beauty recipes. To take your first step towards healthy and beautiful skin and hair, check out personal care products by Organic Beauty Farm in our online shop Organic Store. Take care of yourself with high-quality and affordable natural cosmetics!