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Natural cosmetics from Thailand are becoming increasingly popular among Western consumers. Originally viewed as exotic souvenirs, Thai toothpastes and dental powders, soaps, deodorants, talcum powder, etc. have become irreplaceable daily care products for some people. Natural solid perfumes from Thailand are quite a hit these days.

Thai beauty brand Paddy Daddy offers original solid perfumes (also known as cream perfumes or solid fragrances) formulated with just three ingredients. They are beeswax as a base, essential oils and chamomile extract. This 100% natural product gives your skin a light, subtle scent and helps to take care of it. Beeswax makes the skin softer and helps to keep it hydrated, while chamomile extract prevents irritation due to its soothing effect.

Solid perfumes are sometimes referred to as intimate perfumes because you can smell them only at a very short distance. Unlike regular perfumes that are typically formulated with alcohol and have a stronger fragrance, Paddy Daddy solid perfumes are very subtle. They are meant to be smelled by yourself and by people who are close to you, not by everyone. Solid perfume is usually applied to pulse points, such as wrists, elbow crooks, neck, behind the ears, etc. because the scent lasts longer there.

Paddy Daddy offers a varied and vibrant palette of delicate fruit, floral and herbal fragrances based on carefully selected essential oils blends imported from France and high-quality beeswax. Thanks to essential oils, solid perfumes have an aromatherapeutic effect. You can apply a little perfume on your temples to relieve headache, fatigue, and irritability. You can also apply the perfume to damp hair ends to prevent split ends and give your hair a light smell.

Solid perfumes by Paddy Daddy are free of alcohol and artificial preservatives. They are suitable even for sensitive skin, provided that you are not allergic to any of the essential oils contained in the perfume. The smell lasts about 3–5 hours in warm weather and up to 7–8 hours in cool weather or in a conditioned room. All perfumes are designed as handbag aromas, they are packaged in small plastic boxes you can take anywhere.

You can buy solid perfumes by Paddy Daddy in our online shop Organic Store. Fresh apple, sakura blossom, pink pepper, white snow, sweet magnolia, fresh citrus, bubblegum, and many more fragrances are waiting for you. We will ship the unique fragrances of Thailand to any country within the jurisdiction of the Universal Postal Union.