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Planeta Organica Pure In Search of Beauty Recipes, commonly known as simply Planeta Organica Pure, is a new collection of hypoallergenic skin and hair care products produced by a well-known Russian cosmetic manufacturer. It is based on natural ingredients with proven hypoallergenic properties, which is confirmed by the Institute of Siberian Cosmetics. All products labelled as Planeta Organica Pure contain 99% of natural ingredients and are vegan (free of animal-based products and not tested on animals).

The collection comprises nearly two dozen skin and hair care products, including shampoos, face fluids, soothing body gels, face toners, intimate foams, cleansing face foams, lip masks, hand soaps, body lotions, micellar gels, eye patches, face masks, hand creams, shaving creams, face serums, face exfoliants, face cleansing gels, shower gels, hair conditioners, and thermal waters.

Before developing the unique formulations for Planeta Organica Pure, the company’s specialists embarked on an expedition to find the most effective cosmetic ingredients from all over the world. And now consumers have a unique opportunity to use high-quality and natural hypoallergenic cosmetics that have been developed with the utmost care and love. Planeta Organica Pure products take excellent care of skin and hair without causing any irritation. They are safe even for very sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

The key active ingredients that can be found in these products include, but are not limited to, alpine glacier water, Indian soapnut extract, green tea extract, cucumber extract, mountain arnica extract, white pansy extract, cotton extract, edelweiss extract, linseed oil, olive oil, white peach kernel oil, coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, and many others. All products are free of harsh surfactants (such as SLS/SLES), parabens, mineral and essential oils, salt, alcohol, synthetic fragrances and dyes, and other potential irritants or allergens.

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