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The health of your teeth and gums directly depends on the quality of the oral care products you use. If you want to keep your teeth clean and white, your gums healthy and your breath fresh, check out high-quality toothpastes produced by SPLAT.

SPLAT is a Russian-based manufacturer of oral care products that was founded in 2001. Since then, it has become one of the leading toothpaste producers in Russia and neighbouring countries, as well as one of the fastest growing brands in the world. SPLAT exports its products to 60 countries and has offices in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Turkey, China, and the United Kingdom.

SPLAT products are made from the best ingredients provided by the world’s leading suppliers. They are manufactured at the company’s own factory located in the unique natural region of Valday. The production is organized according to the environmental awareness principle (ISO 14001 certificate) and meets the international standards of the quality management system (ISO 9001 and GMP Cosmetics) and the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001).

SPLAT offers a wide range of oral care products, including toothpastes, toothbrushes, dental floss, oral care foams, mouthwashes, and oral care products for children of all ages. All these products are safe, effective, and perfectly suitable for everyday use. They will help to keep your oral cavity clean and your breath fresh throughout the day.

The brand offers two main collections of toothpastes, Professional and Special. Its Professional collection was created for professional-quality oral care at home. Each toothpaste is designed to solve and prevent a particular problem such as stained or weak enamel, bad breath, increased tooth sensitivity, gum bleeding, dental caries, dental plaque and tartar, etc.

The brand’s Special collection is made up of toothpastes formulated with unusual ingredients. According to the manufacturer, every toothpaste from the collection is a little story. Natural ingredients that can be found in SPLAT Special toothpastes include birch charcoal, juniper berry extract, lotus extract, papain, cayaputa essential oil, royal jelly, magnolia extract, chili pepper extract, and others.

You can buy high-quality toothpastes by SPLAT in our online shop Organic Store. We offer affordable prices, convenient payment methods, and international delivery to almost any corner of the world.