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The Kingdom of Thailand attracts thousands of tourists thanks to its rich and ancient culture and breathtaking nature. Of course, tourists can’t come from their vacation in Thailand empty-handed. Natural cosmetics are among the most popular Thai souvenirs. Thai cosmetics are formulated with local herbs that have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. They are effective, safe and not like anything you’ve ever tried before.

Thai cosmetics and personal care products are based on ancient beauty recipes passed down from generation to generation. Thai women use DIY cosmetics based on local herbs and fruit to keep their skin soft and smooth and their hair silky and shiny. These DIY recipes have been adopted by cosmetic manufactures that combine natural ingredients, ancient wisdom and modern technology to produce authentic, high-quality Thai cosmetics.

Key ingredients in Thai cosmetics are coconut oil and coconut milk, purple mangosteen (commonly known simply as mangosteen), noni juice and extract, pineapple juice and extract, local herbs and spices, vegetable and essential oils, minerals, etc. Natural ingredients are combined according to time-proven recipes so that they complement and enhance each other’s effect.

There is a wide range of Thai beauty brands that produce cosmetics for both domestic and international market. They include Madame Heng, ISME, Thai Siam Spa, Prim Perfect, Green Herb, Abhaibhubejhr, Nuttarin, Siam Botanicals, Panpuri, Harnn, and many more. Among the most popular personal care products made in Thailand are traditional herbal toothpastes, body and hair care products, high-quality coconut oil, make-up products such as powder, and inhalers.

Centuries ago, the Kingdom of Siam was just a faraway land for Europeans, something from legends and fairy tails. But due to modern means of transportation Thailand is open to tourists from all over the world. As a result, more and more people try natural and organic cosmetics made in Thailand and get hooked on them! Luckily, you don’t have to fly to Thailand to try these gorgeous personal care products. Thai cosmetics are available in online shops such as Organic Store. We offer a fine selection of quality beauty products made in Thailand and ship them internationally.