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VisPlantis (also spelled Vis Plantis) is a personal care brand owned and produced by the Poland-based company Elfa Pharm Polska, which belongs to the Ukrainian-Polish group of companies Efla, known for its numerous cosmetic brands, such as Detox Med, Dr. Sante, Elfa Pharm, Fresh Juice, Green Pharmacy, Home Doctor, O’Herbal, Pink Elephant, and many more. VisPlantis offers face, body, and hair care products for everyday care.

Vis Plantis is a Latin phrase that can be translated as “the power of plants”. The specialists of Elfa Pharm Polska firmly believe that it is plants that have the power to preserve our health and beauty for longer. They also believe that less is more, claiming that there is no need to invent complex synthetic formulations since simple and natural components serve us best.

VisPlantis products are formulated with well-known extracts of herbs and grains that have been used in the cosmetic industry for decades. However, this doesn’t mean that the manufacturer is against progress. At Elfa Pharm Polska, they are constantly searching for new inspirations, and they combine old beauty recipes and secrets with modern technologies to create really effective products. The quality of the brand’s products is warranted by years of practical experience, scientifically grounded solutions, as well as integrity, reliability and commitment that lie at the core of the company’s business operations.

The creators of VisPlantis are convinced that the quality of products isn’t indicated by their high price; their effect and the opinion and trust of customers are what really matters. This is why VisPlantis offers affordable products, which are based on natural ingredients and tailored to customers’ needs. But affordable doesn’t necessarily mean plain and dull! The brand likes to surprise its customers with unusual combinations and ingredients, such as fenugreek with horsetail and black turnip, oat and wheat germ, flax, cotton, pumpkin seed or black cumin oil.

VisPlantis products are free of aggressive surfactants, such as SLS or SLES. Some of its products can even be classified as dermo cosmetics, meaning that they help to fight common skin problems and are safe for people with sensitive skin and even atopic dermatitis.

The company doesn’t test its products or their ingredients on animals; some of its products contain animal-based ingredients (for example, snail secretion filtrate), but the production of these ingredients does not cause animals any harm. Thanks to Elfa Pharm Polska’s environmentally conscious approach, its products are safe for both consumers and the environment.