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ZUBB is one of the most popular product lines created by HEALTHY PHARM UKRAINE, a Ukrainian company that specializes in the production of natural cosmetic and personal care products. It includes toothpastes and mouthwashes for the whole family that have been developed by Ukrainian and British chemical engineers.

HEALTHY PHARM UKRAINE was founded over half a century ago. For the first several years after its launch, the plant focused on the production of toothpaste and quickly became one of the leading companies in its market niche. As years passed, the company gained experience and expanded production, eventually transforming into a high-tech enterprise that carries out a full cycle of production.

HEALTHY PHARM UKRAINE provides contract manufacturing services to Ukraine’s leading retail chains and cosmetic brands, as well as produces its own brands. The company’s most popular cosmetic lines are Ameleda (organic products certified by Wellness.Lab), TVOYA (skin and hair care products aimed at teenagers and young people) and ZUBB (natural oral care products with unusual flavours).

ZUBB is a collection of toothpastes and mouthwashes that are produced in Ukraine according to the formulations and under the strict control of the British company HEALTHY PHARM COSMETICS. While developing these toothpastes, Ukrainian and British specialists sought to provide consumers with a product that will simultaneously have pronounced health benefits and nice flavour, colour and texture. In other words, they strived to create a product that will be both useful and attractive, and succeeded.

ZUBB toothpastes contain 87% of natural ingredients that form a well-balanced bioactive complex. An innovative low-abrasive whitening system makes tooth enamel 1.5-2 shades lighter without damaging it, while essential oils make the gums healthier, as well as help to keep the breath fresh all day long. ZUBB toothpastes also have a microfilling effect and effectively prevent tooth decay.

In addition to the traditional mint flavour, ZUBB offers toothpastes with unusual flavours, such as barberry, lemon, vanilla, cinnamon, jasmine, and white tea. Each member of your family will be able to choose a toothpaste that’s just right for them. Natural toothpastes produced by HEALTHY PHARM UKRAINE are suitable for adults and children aged six or older. They will make you see the morning and bedtime ritual of tooth brushing in a new light, transforming it into a real pleasure, and give you a mood boost that lasts the whole day.

ZUBB toothpastes are a combination of health benefits and a pleasant taste that your family will surely appreciate. Try each of the flavours and choose your favourite to get a powerful emotional charge every morning and every night.