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Air fresheners are widely used in homes, cars and public restrooms to combat unpleasant odours. They are designed to eliminate all kinds of odour in the kitchen, toilet, bathroom, bedroom, living room, as well as in the car, including tobacco odours and pet smells. Today, manufacturers offer an impressive selection of air fresheners. Some of the most popular types include sprays, candles, gels, oils, beads, and plug-ins. Many consumers prefer sprays because they are easy to use and have an instant effect, but the safety of some sprays is questionable. That’s why natural air fresheners are becoming increasingly popular.

Mass market spray air fresheners often contain synthetic fragrances and organic gases (propane, butane, isobutane). Artificial fragrance simply masks the odour by overwhelming it with another odour instead of neutralising it. Given that the aroma of many synthetic fragrances doesn’t have much in common with its natural prototype, the results of using cheap air fresheners may be quite unpredictable. Besides, many synthetic fragrances are allergens, and their smell can provoke headaches.

Volatile organic compounds contained in air fresheners are by-products of natural gas processing and petroleum refining. Although they have low toxicity, they are explosive and easily inflammable. That’s why air fresheners in aerosol cans filled with compressed gas require caution. Besides, despite their low toxicity, organic gases are known to provoke allergy and asthma symptoms, so they aren’t completely safe for your health.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to mass market air fresheners with potentially unsafe ingredients. Natural air fresheners are free of synthetic fragrances and organic gases. They are based on natural essential oils that have a pleasant but light smell. Besides, essential oils are noted for their antibacterial properties, so natural air fresheners also act as air sanitisers due to inactivating bacteria.

And let’s not forget about the aromatherapeutic effect of essential oils. Not only do they eliminate unpleasant odours, but they also lift the mood and help to cope with stress and fatigue after a long day at work. Different oils have different effects; some help to relax, make you forget about your problems and relieve anxiety, while others give a mood and energy boost.

High-quality air fresheners with essential oils have a double effect. They mask unpleasant odours and at the same time neutralise them by trapping and binding odour molecules. They help to get rid of unpleasant odours in the kitchen and toilet, neutralise tobacco and pet smells, and create a pleasant atmosphere in your home, both literally and figuratively.

You can buy safe, natural and affordable air fresheners, also known as bio odour neutralisers, in out online shop Organic Store. They are free of potentially harmful synthetic ingredients and organic gases and are completely safe for your health and the environment. Natural air fresheners can be safely used on fabrics and car upholstery.

Take care of indoor air quality in your home with natural odour neutralisers based on essential oils! They will make the air odour-free, pollution-free and safer to breathe.