How to Place an Order at Organic Store

A minimum order amount at Organic Store is 50€.
To place an order, select the items for that amount or more.

To order high-quality organic and natural cosmetics at our online shop Organic Store, use the following step-by-step guide.

  1. Having got acquainted with the products in our catalogue and chosen the items you would like to order, add the items to your Shopping Basket by clicking the Add to Basket button. If the item has been successfully added to the Basket, you will see a corresponding message (“Product added to basket”).

  2. Once you have chosen all the items you need and added them to your shopping basket, you can proceed to placing the order.
    To view your shopping basket, click the Shopping Basket button in the top right corner on any page of the site.

  3. In your shopping basket, you will see a table entitled Items in the Shopping Basket where you can see the code and name of each item you’ve selected, its volume/weight, quantity and price.

    • To change the quantity of any product, enter a number in the Quantity box or use the +/- buttons to change the number.
    • To remove an item from your Shopping Basket, click the red cross next to it.

  4. If the amount of your order is 50€ or more, you will be able to fill in the Shipping and Payment form. When ordering, be sure to fill in the following fields:

    • Your name: state your full name (as required by your local postal service for international deliveries).
    • Your phone number: state your valid phone number in international format.
    • Your e-mail: state your valid e-mail so that we can send you a confirmation letter, payment details and other information if necessary.
    • Shipping method: choose a shipping method.
    • Payment method: choose a payment method.
    • International shipping: enter your full delivery address (country, postal code, city, street name, house number/name, flat (apartment) number).
    • Your comments: write your comments concerning your order, if necessary.

  5. When all the fields are filled in, click the Proceed to Checkout button, to confirm your order click the Confirm button in the window that appears.

  6. Check your e-mail for a confirmation letter.

Please make sure that your provide accurate and valid information! If your contact details are incorrect, our managers will not be able to contact you and your order will be cancelled.