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Although modern perfumery began in the late 19th century, the art of making perfumes dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome, and Persia. In ancient times people used essential oils and natural aroma compounds to create perfumes. Interestingly, natural and organic perfumes are becoming increasingly popular these days, despite the fact that it is possible to synthesize virtually any aroma compound, reducing its cost.

The first perfumes were made with herbs and spices, such as almond, bergamot, conifer resin, coriander and myrtle, as well as flowers. Persian chemists introduced the process of extracting essential oils. Some modern perfumers and perfume brands have decided to return to this practice and offer fragrances that contain little to no synthetic aroma compounds, preservatives or other artificial ingredients.

Thanks to this approach, natural and organic perfumes are completely safe for human health and environmentally friendly. They usually have a very light and delicate fragrance. Natural perfumes are perfect for people who are highly sensitive to odours and / or prone to allergic reactions.

Natural and organic perfumes are generally divided into the same types as regular perfumes: pure perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, cologne, and others. But one of the most popular types of natural perfume is solid perfume, also known as solid fragrance or cream perfume. Unlike regular perfumes that are based on the liquid mix of alcohol (ethanol) and water, solid perfumes have an ointment-like base formulated with beeswax and / or vegetable oils that are solid at room temperature.

Solid perfumes are a great alternative to mainstream liquid perfumes. They are compact and impossible to spill. Many solid perfumes are designed as handbag aromas, so that consumers can take them anywhere and use them anytime. Solid fragrances are made with the same aroma compounds as liquid ones, and their scent has the same structure referred to as a fragrance pyramid, consisting of three classes of notes: top / head notes, middle / heart notes, and base notes.

Solid perfumes, just like other natural and organic beauty products, are formulated with high-quality essential oils obtained from eco-friendly plant raw materials, including flowers, leaves, bark, peel, seeds, roots, woods, etc. Thanks to various combinations of essential oils, perfumers can create an extensive palette of perfume fragrances, in which everyone can find the scent that’s just right for them.

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