Organic cosmetics and household products are becoming more popular with each passing day because they are 100% natural, highly effective and completely safe for your health, not to mention that manufacturers of such products make sure that their production is eco-friendly and safe for the environment. Taking into account all of the above, we can safely assume that organic beauty products are no more a luxury or a whim. They are a necessity for those who care for their health and the environment.

Those who have tried organic cosmetics at least once come back for it again and again because they know now that beauty products do not have to be stuffed with chemicals in order to be effective. Organic cosmetic products are made with natural plant ingredients derived from ecologically friendly raw materials which are much more effective and, more important, much safer than various synthetic ingredients.

Organic beauty products enjoy a high demand in retail sales. Customers gladly buy organic hair, skin and body care products, special organic cosmetic products for babies and older kids, washing powders and detergents free of phosphates, herbal hair dyes etc. At that, organic cosmetics also are an excellent choice for beauty salons, spas, pharmacies, medical centers, fitness centers.

At our online shop Organic Store, we offer a wide selection of organic and natural cosmetic products by popular and reputable brands such as Baikal Herbals, Natura Siberica, Organic Shop, Planeta Organica, Kallos Cosmetics, Flora Secret, Green Pharmacy, Himalaya Herbals, Dr. Sante and many others. All items that you can find in our catalogue are duly certified. The quality and origin of our products as well as their compliance with international organic/natural cosmetic standards are confirmed by quality certificates issued by reputable European organisations such as ECOCERT.

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