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Dr. Sante Baby is a series of baby cosmetics produced by the Ukrainian manufacturer Elfa. It includes safe and natural baby care products (bath foams, shampoos, soaps, lotions, etc) formulated with herbal ingredients which are designed to take care of delicate baby’s skin since the moment of birth. Dr. Sante Baby products cleanse the skin gently yet effectively, moisturise and nourish it, protect the skin from harmful environmental factors, prevent dehydration and allergic reactions.

Dr. Sante Baby cosmetics are produced by the group of companies Elfa which unites Ukrainian and Polish companies and production facilities. Products branded as Dr. Sante Baby include delicate baby creams, gentle “no tears” shampoos, light moisturising lotions, bath foams and liquid soap.

Each product by Dr. Sante Baby is a combination of an affordable price and natural ingredients that are effective and safe for your baby’s health. For instance, all products contain hydrolysed milk and wheat protein as well as natural olive oil. Hydrolysed milk protein has anti-inflammatory properties, hydrolysed wheat protein protects delicate baby’s skin from dehydration and flaking, olive oil moisturises the skin and creates a safe barrier that protects it from harmful environmental factors.

All Dr. Sante Baby products are hypoallergenic, which is confirmed by dermatological testing, as well as environmentally friendly, as evidenced by the Green Planet certification mark on the packaging. This means that parents who choose Dr. Sante Baby cosmetics for their baby can be sure of its safety.

You can buy Dr. Sante Baby products at our online shop Organic Store at an affordable price. Choose these delicate and safe skin and hair care products produced by a trustworthy manufacturer for your baby’s health. We will deliver your order to any country within the jurisdiction of the Universal Postal Union.