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With a few exceptions, hair typically grows all over the human body. Many people, both men and women, choose to remove unwanted body hair, mainly due to hygienic, cultural and sexual reasons. There are a lot of hair removal methods, including (but not limited to) shaving, chemical depilatories, waxing, sugaring, epilators and many more. Of course, cosmetic manufacturers strive to provide consumers with effective and safe hair removal products for different kinds of epilation and depilation.

You can find a wide range of cosmetic products for hair removal at retail stores and pharmacies. Some of the most popular products of this kind that can be used at home are depilatory creams, wax strips and warm wax. Each of these products has it pros and cons. Consumers typically choose hair removal products depending on where they want to remove body hair and how sensitive their skin are.

Depilatory creams, or simply depilatories, contain active ingredients that weaken the hair so that it can be scraped off, leaving your skin silky smooth. They are great for areas with sensitive skin such as face, armpits or bikini area. However, some depilatories may cause irritation so you must always conduct a patch test before using them.

Wax strips help to get rid of unwanted hair quickly and efficiently. They require minimal effort, effectively remove the hair and give you up to 1 month of smooth skin. There are different types of was strips depending on their designation (for legs and body, for facial hair) and your skin type.

Warm wax is a universal product that transforms hair removal into a DIY spa treatment. It gently warms the skin and helps to significantly reduce pain during the epilation procedure, giving you beauty parlour-perfect results at home. Warm wax is often infused with additional ingredients (herbal extracts, essential and vegetable oils) which hydrate and nourish your skin, make it softer and prevent irritation.

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