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Energy of Vitamins is a cosmetic series that can be compared to a real explosion of fruit flavours and bright colours. It is manufactured by Aliyance Krasoty (Beauty Alliance), a well-known Ukrainian company that specialises in the production of cosmetics and household products. Energy of Vitamins products are popular among consumers both in Ukraine and abroad. These beauty products are infused with natural herbal and fruit extracts, they take gentle care of the skin and give a powerful mood boost that lasts all day.

Energy of Vitamins is a delicious series of body care products based on bright combinations of natural ingredients. These products will take full care of your body and let you enjoy their wonderful flavours that include, but are not limited to, refreshing lime and mint, warm chocolate and cream, delicate strawberry and caramel, spicy cinnamon, exotic mango, bright papaya. Each product by Energy of Vitamins reminds of a delicious dessert which you are going to enjoy to the last bite.

The Energy of Vitamins series include gentle creamy shower gels, foaming salt body scrubs, oil and salt body scrubs, thick SPA body butters, bath foams, bath and shower oils, peeling shower gels, intimate hygiene products, hand creams and mousses and many other body care products. Each product contains a thoroughly selected combination of natural ingredients such as plant extracts and oils which helps to effectively solve common skin problems and take gentle care of your skin.

Pharmaceutical research centre Aliyance Krasoty has been producing high-quality cosmetic products for years. Along with their high quality, its products are known for their natural ingredients and, best of all, affordable price. The company produces several brands, including Energy of Vitamins, which are popular both in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries.

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