Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Despite the latest advancements in the cosmetics industry, the quality of many mass-market beauty products leaves much to be desired. Synthetic ingredients in cosmetics often cause irritation, allergic reactions and other problems. That is why natural and organic cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular these days. Such beauty products are highly effective, they are made with natural ingredients, don’t contain synthetic components and are completely safe for your health.

Natural cosmetics are produced under the strict supervision of international certification organisations such as BDIH, NATRUE, Cosmebio. To be certified as natural, beauty products must contain natural ingredients (both organic and mineral), undergo comprehensive clinical trials, not be tested on animals. Natural cosmetics production must by no means harm the environment.

Organic cosmetics production standards are even stricter. Organic beauty products must contain at least 95% organically produced plant-sourced ingredients (excluding water and salt). They must be environmentally friendly, cruelty-free and ECOCERT or ICEA certified. Organic cosmetics don’t contain petrochemical products as well as synthetic colourants, preservatives or fragrances.

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