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Ukrainian beauty brand Dr. Sante presents a collection of hair care products titled Hyaluron Hair. They are designed to deeply moisturise the hair, repair its structure, and provide reliable protection from harmful environmental factors. A unique 4-in-1 moisturising complex, consisting of several varieties of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights and plant-based emollients, will give your hair incredible shine, smoothness and elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most effective natural hydrating ingredients used in cosmetics. Its physiological functions in human body include skin healing and wound repair; it is also important for joint health. As a cosmetic ingredient, hyaluronic acid is valued for its ability to draw moisture from the surrounding air and bind water molecules, keeping skin and hair hydrated.

The moisturising formula of Dr. Sante Hyaluron Hair products contains several forms of hyaluronic acid, which differ in molecular weight: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrates into the hair shafts, hydrating them from the inside and restoring their structure, while high molecular weight hyaluronic acid remains on the hair surface and creates an invisible protective layer that prevents dehydration and helps to protect the hair from the environment.

The moisturising effect of hyaluronic acid is complemented and enhanced by aloe vera juice. It helps to maintain the natural hydro-lipid balance of the hair and scalp, prevents brittle hair, and soothes the scalp. The combination of aloe vera and hyaluronic acid will give your hair a powerful hydrating boost and help to keep it healthy and shiny at all times.

Dr. Sante Hyaluron Hair offers a full range of products for excellent hair care: a sulphate-free shampoo for gentle cleansing, a hair conditioner and mask for deep hydraiton and nourishment, an aqua cream designed to prevent dehydration and protect hair colour, and a fill-up thermal protection spray that prevents breakage and has an antistatic effect.