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Elfa Pharm is a cosmetic brand owned by the Ukrainian-Polish group of companies Elfa, it specializes in the production of natural cosmetics. The brand offers several product lines, one of which is the burdock series. It is specifically designed to cope with the problem of excessive hair loss and to stimulate hair growth. Elfa Pharm hair care products from the burdock series are manufactured in Poland and exported to different countries.

The key ingredient of the products that make up the burdock series is the unique Bh Intensiv+ active complex that has a combined effect on the hair and scalp. It provides hair follicles with nutrients, stimulates cell metabolism and microcirculation in the scalp, blocks the action of enzymes that cause premature hair loss, activates keratin synthesis.

The products are free of alcohol, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) so they don't dry the scalp and don't cause itching or dandruff. These hair care products are suitable for all hair types. They actively nourish hair follicles, stimulate hair growth, make the hair stronger and protect it from damage, improve hair elasticity and flexibility.

Elfa's burdock series includes cosmetic kits for the treatment of hair loss, hair care products (conditioning hair masks, hair serums, natural burdock oil) and shampoos. All products are formulated with burdock oil, essential oils and herbal extracts. Due to the high content of natural ingredients, these products take care of your hair and effectively cope with hair loss.

Feel the healing power of natural burdock oil! With regular use, your hair will become stronger, softer and shinier. You will forget about excessive hair loss, brittle hair and split ends. At our online shop Organic Store, you can buy Elfa Pharm hair care products at a reasonable price. Just submit your order, and we ill deliver it anywhere!