Why Organic Cosmetics?

The popularity of organic beauty products is constantly growing. Some time ago, organic cosmetics were mainly used by those who are living an organic lifestyle. However, you don’t have to go all organic to take advantage of the benefits that organic products have to offer. Why do more and more people choose organic cosmetics?

Top Reasons to Choose Organic Beauty Products

Natural and eco-friendly ingredients

According to international standards, organic beauty products must consist mainly of natural ingredients. For example, for a product to comply with the ECOCERT quality standard a minimum of 95% of the total ingredients have to come from natural origin. Plants used as ingredients for organic cosmetic products are grown on eco-friendly farms and plantations. Strict quality control is exercised at all production stages.

Free of potentially harmful ingredients

Synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, fragrances, colourants, surfactants and other ingredients used in mass market cosmetic production can hardly be called completely safe. They can upset the skin’s natural hydro-lipid balance, cause allergic reactions and even skin diseases. Of course, some people might be sensitive to natural ingredients such as essential oils or plant extracts but such cases are quite rare. Allergic reactions to artificial ingredients, on the other hand, are very common.

Time tested

For centuries, women all over the world have been using herbal infusions and decoctions, vegetable and essential oils for skin and hair care. Manufacturers of organic beauty products combine centuries of accumulated experience in the use of medicinal plants with advanced modern technology to create truly effective and safe cosmetics. Organic cosmetics take gentle care of your hair and skin, stimulating natural regenerative processes that occur in your body.

Real long-term effect

Mass market products often contain the so-called emollients. Emollients create a thin protective layer on the skin’s surface that reduces water loss from the epidermis. Beauty products that contain emollients make your skin look smooth and silky. Unfortunately, this effect is temporary. As emollients are not absorbed by skin, they need to be reapplied. Natural ingredients contained in organic cosmetics are absorbed by the epidermis and enrich it with water and nutrients, ensuring a rapid and at the same time lasting effect.


Organic cosmetics are produced by people and for people who care about the environment. All organic beauty products are cruelty-free. This means that they don’t contain ingredients of animal origin whose production causes suffering and death of animals. The only ingredients of animal origin that can be used in organic cosmetics are lactic acid and bee products such as beeswax and honey. Organic cosmetics is never tested on animals.

Organic Cosmetics: Myths and Reality

There are a lot of myths about organic beauty products that prevent some people from trying them out. However, like most myths, they have little to do with reality.

  1. Myth. Organic products don’t contain synthetic fragrances, so they have almost no scent or even smell a little unpleasant.

    Reality. Most organic beauty products contain natural essential oils that have a very pleasant (and sometimes quite strong) scent and even aromatherapeutic effect. With the right combination and concentration of essential oils, it is possible to create a product that will smell as strong as its counterpart with synthetic fragrance.

  2. Myth. Organic cosmetics have an extremely short shelf life due to lack of artificial preservatives.

    Reality. Although organic products generally do have a shorter shelf life than mass market cosmetics, it is not extremely short. It is wrong to think that organic beauty products contain no preservatives at all. There are natural preservatives that help to prolong the shelf life of organic cosmetics and are completely safe for health and the environment.

  3. Myth. Organic shampoos and shower gels can’t cope with their task because they foam very little.

    Reality. Organic shampoos and shower gels contain natural surfactants that make them less foamy than their mass market counterparts made with SLS, SLES and other chemicals. However, it is not the amount of foam that defines their cleaning properties. Despite the lack of foam, organic shower gels and shampoos clean just fine and don’t dry your skin out.

  4. Myth. Organic beauty products are expensive and very few people can afford them.

    Reality. In most cases, high-quality natural plant ingredients are more expensive than their synthetic or animal-derived counterparts. However, you should keep in mind that prime cost constitutes only a part of the price. The price of regular cosmetics depends heavily on advertising costs. Organic cosmetics don’t need large-scale advertising campaigns because it’s a niche product whose quality speaks for itself.

Organic cosmetics are a perfect combination of safety, effectiveness and natural origin. Try them and see for yourself!