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Salon is a cosmetic brand for home and professional use developed by the specialists of the group of companies Elfa. The brand offers several product lines designed to take care of your hair, hands and nails, feet, and the entire body. They include Salon SPA Collection and Salon Professional.

Each of the product lines offered by Salon is based on natural ingredients that have been carefully selected to solve common skin and hair problems and to keep your skin and hair healthy and well-groomed. For example, Salon SPA Collection includes hand care products formulated with kelp and bladderwrack extract. These extracts were obtained from algae gathered near the shores of Okinawa Island (Japan) in the East China Sea. They are noted for their unique mineral content and wide range of useful properties. Foot care products from Salon SPA Collection contain sea salt and mud obtained from the Atlantic Ocean, the Dead Sea, and the Aegean Sea.

Salon offers a great selection of personal care products, including hair conditioners and masks, nail polish removers, body scrubs and peels, hand care products (creams, scrubs, masks and cleansers), Dead Sea salt and mud, SPA creams, foot masks, foot bath salts, anti-cellulite and body modelling products, and more. Each product has a unique formula that combines natural ingredients and the latest cosmetology achievements for a maximum effect.

Salon products are very easy to use and perfect for at-home spa treatments. With them, you will get salon-quality treatment for much less money! In our online shop Organic Store, you can buy personal care products by Salon (Salon SPA Collection) at reasonable prices and get them delivered to any country within the jurisdiction of the UPU (Universal Postal Union). With Salon SPA Collection, your skin and hair care routine will be transformed into a luxurious spa ritual.