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Ayurveda, also known as Ayurveda medicine, is a traditional system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. Ayurvedic cosmetics are based on medicinal plants traditionally used in Ayurveda and old recipes passed down from generation to generation. In Ayurvedic cosmetics, the wisdom of the ancient healing tradition is combined with modern formulations and techniques. It allows to create effective and safe products formulated with pure Indian herbs.

Indian Ayurvedic cosmetics are more than just a blend of natural ingredients. Each product contains a thoroughly selected combination of medicinal herbs which helps to balance all the systems of the human body because, according to Ayurveda, it is a disruption of balance and harmony that leads to disease. The right combination of medicinal herbs helps to balance the doshas, three bodily bioelements that make up one’s constitution. A balance of the doshas results in health and wellness. Each medicinal herb contained in an Ayurvedic product complements and enhances the effect of other herbs which ensures harmony.

Key ingredients of Ayurvedic cosmetics and personal care products are different parts of Indian medicinal plants (leaves, fruit, stems, bark, roots, seeds). Each plant is harvested according to a certain set of rules. While collecting wild plants, Ayurvedic practitioners take into account the time of the day, the lunar phase, and other important factors. If harvested in the right way, Ayurvedic herbs increase the effectiveness of the finished product.

Traditional plant ingredients in Ayurvedic cosmetics include neem, amla (Indian gooseberry), miswak (toothbrush tree), shikakai, bhringraj, tulasi (holy basil), babul (gum arabic tree), clove, henna, bibhitaki (beleric), brahmi (waterhyssop), pudina (spearmint), and other plants. These ingredients are combined according to special rules taking into account their general properties, strength of impact, and specific qualities.

A key feature of Ayurvedic cosmetics is their high content of natural plant ingredients and absence of synthetic colourants, fragrances, preservatives and other potentially harmful, allergenic or irritating ingredients. As a result, Ayuvedic products differ from their mass market counterparts in several ways. For example, they never have a strong smell or bright colour. Instead, Ayurvedic cosmetics have a pleasant, light smell of herbs or spices and a subdued, natural colour like green or brown.

In India, traditional cosmetics based on Ayurvedic recipes are widely available. They have been used by local women for centuries to keep their skin and hair healthy and beautiful. Our online shop Organic Store offers Ayurvedic cosmetics produced by different brands. Check out our catalogue, try them out and see for yourself how effective they are! It’s never too late to take the first step towards a healthy, green lifestyle with Ayurvedic products.