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Your hands will never look well-groomed without a neat manicure. Contrary to popular misconception, a good manicure is so much more than simply coating your nails with polish. To look good, your nails should be strong and healthy. That is why it is very important to take care of them, using quality nail care products which provide your nails with nutrients, moisturise and soften your cuticles, prevent hangnails, brittle nails and other common problems.

Modern cosmetic manufacturers offer a wide range of nail care products which differ greatly in both price and quality. They include, but are not limited to, cuticle oils, cuticle removers, cuticle creams, nail strengtheners and thickeners, base coats, shiny and matte top coats, hand and nail creams, nail growth treatments and many more. Every consumer can find something that suits their taste and budget.

High-quality nail care products help to get a perfect DIY manicure with little effort and make your nails healthier. For example, top coats make your nails look more attractive and protect nail polish from peeling or chipping. Nail drying sprays and drops accelerate your polish's dry time and help to prevent smudges and dents. Protective base coats make the manicure last longer, strengthen your nails and prevent them from yellowing or darkening caused by nail polish.

Nail treatments are typically formulated as liquids, gels or polishes packaged in small bottles which can be easily applied using an applicator brush. But there also are creams in small convenient tubes, balms, oils and sticks. Nail care products are often enriched with vitamins, vegetable oils, essential oils and other natural active ingredients which make them even more effective. You can and you should use them even if you're not a fan of nail polish because your nails should be healthy and well-groomed no matter what.

At our online shop Organic Store, we offer a wide range of nail treatments produced by companies that specialize in the manufacture of natural and organic cosmetics (such as the well-known Ukrainian company BIO Pharma). This means that our nail care products are free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. We offer our customers reasonable prices and international delivery.