Terms and Conditions


Order: an electronic document that contains information about the items chosen by the Customer, their cost, the Customer’s name, delivery address, contact information and other information specified by the form of the said electronic document.

Customer: a capable individual who intends to acquire or acquires products for personal, family or household use, not related to business activities.

Seller: the administration of the online store Organic Shop that sells products remotely via its website.

Site: the URL of the online store Organic Shop, http://organic-store.name/

Agreement: the following Terms and Conditions that apply to all transactions that are concluded via our online shop.

Product (products): items that are offered for sale by the Seller on the Site and that the Customer has an intention to acquire or acquires.


2.1. By ordering and purchasing Products via the Site, the Customer agrees to be bound by all the terms stated in the Terms and Conditions.

2.2. The applicable law shall be exclusively the law of Ukraine.

2.3. The Seller reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

2.4. The Seller has the right to involve any third parties in the process of selling products without the Customer’s prior consent.

2.5. Any information given on the Site is non-binding and cannot fully describe all the properties and specifications of the Products. There may be misprints, human errors, and omissions. The actual products may be not identical to the images displayed on the Site. Should the Customer have any questions concerning the characteristics and specifications of the Products, they need to contact the Seller for additional information.


3.1. The Customer who intends to purchase our Products fills in the Order form on the Site. The Order form contains required fields. If the required fields are not filled in, the Order will not be placed.

3.2. The Customer places the Order by confirming it. Once the Order has been submitted, the Seller confirms receiving it by contacting the Customer by phone or via email. Order confirmation means that the Customer agrees to pay the stated price of the ordered Products and delivery expenses.

3.3. The Customer is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of information provided when placing the Order (filling in the Order form on the Site).

3.4. The Seller begins processing the Order once it is confirmed by the Customer. The maximum Order processing time is determined in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. In any case, the Seller cannot guarantee that the Order will be processed within the maximum processing time limit, including for the reasons beyond the Seller’s control.

3.5. The Seller cannot guarantee that the Products ordered on the Site will be available at the Seller’s warehouse the moment Order processing begins.


4.1. All prices on the Site are stated in Euro (EUR) and do not include shipping costs. The Seller reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to change the prices of any offered products or services at any time. At that, the prices indicated on the site at the time of confirming the order are decisive. All transactions and payments are conducted in Euro only.

4.2. Shipping costs are charged separately. They depend on the country of destination and other factors established by the postal service.

4.3. The Customer pays for the Order in accordance with the terms stated on the Payment & Delivery page of the Site (http://organic-store.name/payment.html).


5.1. The Order is delivered at the address stated by the Customer in the Order form.

5.2. To deliver the Order at the address stated by the Customer, the Seller may use a postal service.

5.3. If the Order was delivered on time but the Customer failed to get the order by their own fault, the subsequent delivery is not made and the Order is cancelled.

5.4. Ownership of the Products passes to the Customer when they accept the Products from the postal service employee on condition that the Customer signs all the required documents.

5.5. The maximum Order processing time is 40 (fourty) calendar days from the date of Order confirmation. If the maximum time limit allotted to Order processing expires, but the Seller fails to process the Order, the Order is cancelled.

5.6. The Customer is obliged to check the quantity and quality of the Products by examining the integrity and completeness of the Order in accordance with the corresponding documents (the order form) in the presence of a postal worker. If the Customer has no complaints concerning the quality or quantity of the Products, the Customer is obliged to accept the products.

5.7. The acquisition of Products with delivery does not give the Customer the right to demand the delivery of the Products in case of need of warranty service, replacement or return of the Products. The acquisition of Products with delivery does not imply the possibility of the reimbursement of shipping costs, including in cases where the Seller must refund the cost of the Products to the Customer.


6.1. The Customer has the right to cancel the order completely at any time before the Order is dispatched/delivered. The Customer can also opt for the partial cancellation of the Order. In case of the Customer’s desire/intent to partially cancel the Order, they need to contact the Seller and let the Seller know what products need to be excluded from the Order.

6. 2. According to the Ukrainian legislation (namely, Law of Ukraine on Consumer Rights Protection), cosmetic products are included in the list of nonfood goods not subject to exchange (return) if purchased goods are of proper quality.
Upon receiving the delivery the Customer must make sure that the delivered Products correspond to the Order. The Customer has the right to refuse to accept the order in the presence of a postal worker. If the parcel is opened or damaged by the Customer, it is not subject to return.


7.1. If the Products are delivered to the Customer with violations of the conditions of the Order concerning the quantity, quality and names of the Products, the Customer has the right not to accept the Products. After the Order has been accepted and the corresponding documents have been signed, the Seller does not accept claims except claims arising from the defects of the Product.

7.2. The Customer is entitled to make a claim concerning the defects of the Product provided that the said defects are discovered within the time limits established by the applicable law provisions.

7.3. In the event of a dispute concerning the cause of the defects, the Seller or the Customer has the right to carry out an expert examination of the Product. If the examination carried out by the Seller establishes that the defects occurred due to the circumstances for which the Seller (manufacturer) is not responsible, the Customer shall reimburse the cost of such examination to the Seller.


8.1. By placing an Order on the Site, the Customer agrees that if the Seller is unable to fulfil the order (completely or partially), the Customer has no right to demand forfeit or other penalties or to demand compensation of any kind of damage associated with the Seller’s failure to fulfil the Order, except for the cases provided for in these Terms and Conditions.

8.2. The Seller does not accept claims related to lost profits, moral damage or other claims arising from the delay or failure of the Order fulfilment.

8.2. The Seller’s liability to the Customer shall not in any circumstance exceed the price of the goods ordered by the Customer.


9.1. The Site uses cookies to store information about the Customer’s parameters and settings used to enter the Site. Cookies are small text files stored in the Customer’s web browser and accessed by the server every time the user loads the Site. By the use of the Site the Customer agrees to the use of the cookies.

9.2. The site collects Customers’ personal data to receive their Orders. When placing an Order, the Customer fills in a form where he or she provides the following information: full name, contact information (phone number and email), delivery address.

9.3. The collected personal information of the Customers shall not be transferred to third parties without the explicit consent of the Customers, except for the cases when disclosure is required by law or to protect the rights in court proceedings, in order to combat fraud, to protect the rights of the Site Administration or to save lives.

9.4. By providing their personal data, the Customer confirms that they are doing it voluntarily and agrees to the personal data being processed by the Seller. If the Customer does not agree with these conditions, they can use the Site solely for the purpose of studying its content.

9.5. The Customer agrees not to post personal data of other persons on the Site and not to use personal data of other Customers for illegal or unlawful purposes, to benefit from it and for any other purposes that do not comply with the objectives of the Site.

For the purposes of the GDPR, we provide more information about our privace and cookies policy that can be found here.


10.1. Except for the cases provided for in these Terms and Conditions and the applicable law, the Site content may not be copied, processed, reproduced, distributed, downloaded, transferred, sold or used in any other way, completely or partially, unless the right holder explicitly expresses their consent to the free use of the Site content by any person.

10.2. In case of the conflict of certain provisions of these Terms and Conditions with the current laws, the current laws are applied. If individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions or parts thereof shall become ineffective, the validity of the remaining general Terms and Conditions shall be unaffected.

10.3. The Customer assumes all responsibility for providing the Seller with reliable personal information, including the delivery address, and other information required for the parties to fulfil the obligations concerning the sale of goods and payment. In case the Seller fails to fulfil the Order due to the fact that the Customer provided inaccurate personal information, the Seller shall not be held responsible for not fulfilling the order. The second attempt to deliver the Order, as well as any other actions on the part of the Seller, shall be made only by agreement of the parties. Any additional expenses shall be reimbursed by the Customer.

10.4. If after placing the order the Customer’s delivery address or other information crucial for the Seller to fulfil their obligations changes or if the Customer notices an error in the specified delivery address or other personal information, the Customer is obliged to immediately notify the Seller. If the Customer fails to comply with this condition, the Seller has the right to demand that the Customer pays for re-delivery of the Order at the new address.

10.5. If the Customer does not receive the Order within 40 calendar days from the date of Order confirmation, the Customer shall notify the Seller. Upon receiving the notification, the Seller shall assist to the Customer in finding the dispatched Order. For that the Seller makes a corresponding request to the postal service. The Seller informs the Customer of the investigation results. Claims for nondelivery of the Products by the postal service shall not be accepted after 40 days from the date of dispatch of the Order by the Seller expire.

10.6. The Seller is not responsible for any failures or interruptions in the work of the Site as well as for the loss of information and any damage that may be caused to the Customer and/or third parties by these circumstances. The Administration undertakes to promptly restore the operability of the Site in case of any technical failures or interruptions.

10.7. By confirming their agreement with these Terms and Conditions, the Customer confirms their understanding and acceptance with all documents referred to on the Site.


11.1. The Seller reserves the right to unilaterally change these Terms and Conditions as well as any other documents published on the Site. The Sellers is not obligated to inform the Customer about the amendments to the aforementioned documents. Any amendments to these Terms and Conditions shall be binding to the Customer and are considered accepted by them after 3 days from the date of their publication on the Site. If the Customer fails to accept the new revision of the Terms and Conditions, he or she undertakes to cancel the Order and notify the Seller of the cancellation.