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If you’re a fan of safe and environmentally friendly household products, check out Organics household cleaners. Organics is a Ukrainian research and production enterprise founded in 1992. Since 2007 it has been producing microbiological products, eco-friendly detergents, and hygiene and sanitary products trademarked as Organics.

Organics products are completely safe for human health and the environment because they don’t contain synthetic surfactants or other harmful ingredients. The company has developed unique formulations based on probiotics, a type of microorganisms associated with benefits for humans and animals.

Probiotic cleaning agents by Organics are an innovative product that combines the latest scientific achievements in microbiology and an environmentally friendly washing base. For the first time in the world, scientists managed to combine organic detergent ingredients and a complex of useful probiotic microorganisms in a single product.

Organics probiotic concentrates easily remove dirt and smells from different kinds of surfaces. They are suitable for both industrial and domestic cleaning and widely used in restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, etc. Thanks to their disinfectant properties, bacterial concentrates are used to prevent infection in industrial poultry farming and animal husbandry.

As we’ve already mentioned above, cleaning products by Organics are perfectly suitable for domestic cleaning. With them, it is so easy to keep your house clean and your family healthy. The brand offers a wide range of household products, including dish soap, cleansers for different surfaces, laundry detergents, odour neutralisers, and bacterial concentrates.

The company’s motto is “Live in harmony with nature”, and Organics lives up to it.