Probiotic Disinfectant and Odour Remover Sprays by Organics

Probiotic Disinfectant and Odour Remover Sprays by OrganicsRegular cleaning is important not only to keep your house or apartment in order, but also to ensure that your family stays healthy. Unfortunately, many household disinfectants are dangerous for children and allergy-prone people. Ukraine household care brand Organics presents a safe and effective alternative to aggressive chemicals. Check out their probiotic disinfectant and odour remover sprays.

Cheap detergents and disinfectants that most people use for everyday cleaning don’t provide reliable protection against pathogenic microorganisms because harmful bacteria can grow resistant to their active ingredients. This results in a vicious circle: one has to use more and more aggressive household chemicals as pathogenic bacteria mutate and become more resistant and dangerous.

These chemicals may irritate our skin, eyes and even respiratory tract (if inhaled), as well as cause severe poisoning or chemical burns of the gastrointestinal tract if accidentally consumed. One also should not forget that when these chemical are rinsed off with water, they end up in waste water and pollute the environment if they’re not biodegradable (and most mass-market detergents are not).

Luckily, there are safe and at the same time effective alternatives to conventional household cleaners and disinfectants. One of such alternatives is offered by Organics, a Ukrainian household care brand owned and produced by OOO Evdemon. Instead of trying to kill pathogenic bacteria and fungi with dangerous toxins, they use probiotics to eliminate them safely for humans and the environment.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that drive pathogenic microbes out of their habitat and consequently destroy them. The cleaning and disinfecting properties of probiotic products are based on the fact that probiotics consume organic contaminants, killing two birds with one stone. First, they remove stains from various surfaces without damaging said surfaces, and second, they inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria by leaving them without a nutrient source.

Organics formulates its products with a special probiotic concentrate consisting of several cultures of beneficial bacteria. This concentrate is combined with a green detergent base derived from renewable plant materials. The resulting product is effective, biodegradable, safe for human health and the environment, and suitable for both household and professional cleaning and disinfection.

Organics offers various kinds of probiotic cleaners and disinfectants, including dish soaps, a wide selection of cleaners for all kinds of surfaces, laundry detergents and stain removers, and odour remover sprays. The brand’s collection of probiotic sprays includes 8 products that clean and disinfect surfaces, as well as eliminate bad smells and prevent their recurrence. They can be used to disinfect all surfaces in your home or office and more:

  • All-Purpose Probiotic Odour Remover Spray is suitable for all kinds of surfaces and household objects.
  • Air Filter Probiotic Disinfectant Spray is designed to kill pathogenic microbes in domestic and car air conditioners.
  • Anti Tobacco Probiotic Odour Remover Spray eliminates the smell of cigarette smoke.
  • Auto Care Probiotic Odour Remover Spray is designed to eliminate odours in your car.
  • Healthy Life Probiotic Disinfectant Spray will kill pathogenic bacteria and fungi in your home.
  • WC Probiotic Odour Remover Spray is an excellent alternative to mass-market air fresheners that may cause allergies and damage the ozone layer.
  • Zoo-WC Probiotic Odour Remover Spray is designed to get rid of unpleasant odours associated with pets.
  • Zoo-Zym Probiotic Odour Remover Spray eliminates odours caused by scent marking.

In addition to being safe and effective, these sprays are very easy to use. All you need to do is spray them on a slightly wet surface and wait until probiotics do their job. Just keep in mind that probiotic sprays aren’t compatible with regular household cleaners because aggressive chemicals kill probiotic bacteria.

You can buy probiotic disinfectant and odour remover sprays produced by Organics in our online shop Organic Store. We also have other household cleaners produced by the brand (bathroom & tile, non-stick cookware, glass & mirror, interior, kitchen, soot remover, sanitary), as well as laundry detergents and dishwashing gels.

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