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Solid Perfumes by Enjoy&JoyPerfumes are usually sold in liquid form and consist of aromatic compounds and a solvent, which is typically ethanol or a mix of water and ethanol. We’re so used to perfume sprays that we rarely think about other types of perfume, such as solid perfumes, that have certain benefits compared to traditional liquid perfumes. Interested? Check out a collection of all-natural perfume creams created by Enjoy&Joy.

Solid perfumes (also known as cream perfumes or perfume creams) may seem like some kind of novelty to you, but in fact they are one of the oldest kinds of perfumes to exist. Ancient Egyptians, for example, used ointment-like preparations as a type of solid perfume. These preparations consisted of natural ingredients, such as aromatic resins (frankincense, myrrh), essential oils, spices, natural carriers oils and animal fat. They were typically less viscous and more oily than regular ointments to make them easy to spread on the skin.

Solid perfumes began to lose their popularity in the late 19th century with the emergence of modern perfumery. Liquid perfumes became more widespread and much more affordable because fragrance companies began to offer less concentrated versions of their existing fragrances, making perfumes available to a wide range of customers. Spray perfumes, colognes and toilet waters became so popular that perfume creams were almost completely forgotten.

Today, however, there is an ever-growing interest in organic products made using natural ingredients and traditional methods, so solid perfumes are gaining increasing popularity among consumers. These perfumes are divided into the same types as “traditional” liquid perfumes (floral, oriental, woody, leather, chypre, fougère, green, citrus, fruity, aquatic, gourmand) and consist of the same tones (top, middle, base). Some of these perfumes were inspired by existing fragrances, while others are completely unique.

Georgian beauty brand Enjoy&Joy (also known as Enjoy ECO) offers both types of solid perfumes. Its Classic Series comprises replicas of well-known fragrances (Davidoff Echo, Dolce&Gabbana Imperatrice, Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenie, Lanvin Merry Me, Moschino I Love, Versace Bright Crystal), while its exclusive WOW! Series consists of unique fragrances developed by the company’s perfumers (Wow, You’re Beautiful!, Wow, You’re Hot!, Wow, You’re Sexy!, Wow, You’re Crazy! and Wow, You’re Special!).

Enjoy&Joy perfume creams are based on a blend of high-quality carrier oils (coconut, peach kernel, sweet almond, jojoba), beeswax, rosemary absolute and oil-soluble vitamins A and E. Their perfume composition consists of natural aromatic compounds that create a long-lasting but subtle fragrance. Solid perfumes are sometimes referred to as intimate perfumes because only the wearer and people closest to them can feel their smell. Therefore Enjoy&Joy perfume creams are a perfect choice for those who like to smell nice but hate to make other people uncomfortable.

It is worth mentioning that natural ingredients contained in Enjoy&Joy perfume creams don’t just create a base to capture the fragrance and make the product easy to apply. They also take care of your skin in the places where you apply the perfume. Carrier oils nourish and moisturise the skin, make it softer and smoother, and provide protection from the environment. Vitamins A and E provide the skin with antioxidant protection, prevent dryness and irritation, and help to neutralise the negative effects of free radicals.

One more great thing about solid perfumes is that they are usually designed as handbag aromas and therefore are more compact and portable than traditional fragrances. Enjoy&Joy perfume creams, for example, come in small aluminium jars that you can carry around to reapply the fragrance as often as you want with a cotton swab or your fingertips. Since perfume creams aren’t classified as liquid, you can travel with them in your cabin luggage.

You can buy solid perfumes by Enjoy&Joy in our online shop Organic Store. We also offer cream perfumes produced by other brands, such as Paddy Daddy (Thailand) and Sapo (Ukraine). These fragrant products are all-natural and affordable – what’s else there to wish? We offer several payment methods and deliver internationally to most parts of the world for your convenience.

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