Alunite Refreshing Deocorant Sprays by Cocos: 100% Natural & Safe

Alunite Refreshing Deocorant Sprays by Cocos: 100% Natural & SafeFor most people, using deodorant is a must. There are a lot of commercial deodorants available, but certain health concerns have arisen regarding some deodorant ingredients that may plug the sweat glands or cause allergies. If you’re looking for a safe alternative to commercial deodorants and antiperspirants, check out Alunite refreshing deodorant sprays by Cocos.

Alunite is a naturally occurring mineral used to obtain potassium alum, a chemical compound with pronounced antibacterial, astringent and wound healing properties. Potassium alum has long been used in medicine to reduce bleeding in minor injuries, eliminate pimples and prevent acne scars, relive pain caused by insect bites and stings, and soothe skin irritation.

But the most popular use of potassium alum is as a natural deodorant. This mineral inhibits the growth of bacteria that thrive in human sweat and cause body odour, ensuring long-lasting protection from body odour. Unlike commercial antiperspirants, potassium alum doesn’t stop the process of perspiration (sweating) and therefore doesn’t affect thermoregulation. It hasn’t been linked to any health issues, which makes it a safe alternative to commercial deodorants and antiperspirants.

Natural deodorants made from potassium alum are known as mineral deodorants, mineral salt deodorants, deodorant crystals or deodorant rocks. The names “deodorant crystal” and “deodorant rock” date back to the first commercially produced mineral deodorants that indeed were just pieces of potassium alum. Today, mineral deodorants are also produced in other forms, such as spray. A mineral deodorant spray is a solution of potassium alum in water or herbal distillate. It preserves the antibacterial qualities of the mineral but it is much easier to apply than a solid mineral deodorant.

Ukrainian beauty brand Cocos presents a collection of refreshing deodorant sprays titled Alunite. It comprises 16 products formulated with potassium alum and other natural ingredients, such as trehalose, glycerine and natural essential oils. These ingredients complement and enhance the effect of potassium alum.

Trehalose and glycerine both have humectant properties, meaning that they help the skin to draw and retain moisture. Thanks to them, Cocos deodorant sprays keep the skin soft, supple and hydrated. Essential oils (lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, geranium, cinnamon, lime, lemon balm, orange, vanilla, verbena) produce an additional antibacterial effect, as well as give deodorants a light, pleasant smell.

These deodorants are free of aluminium chlorohydrate and parabens, which makes them completely safe even for pregnant and lactating women. You can apply Alunite deodorant sprays to your armpits and feet. They ensure long-lasting protection from body odour for 10–12 hours. These deodorants don’t leave the skin feeling sticky or stain clothes.

Cocos refreshing deodorant sprays are very easy to apply. All you need to do is spray some deodorant onto clean, dry skin of your armpits or feet from a distance of 20–30 cm and wait until it dries before putting on clothes or shoes and going on with your day. It will keep you feeling fresh and clean until evening.

You can buy Alunite refreshing deodorant sprays by Cocos in our online shop Organic Store. We also offer mineral salt deodorants (both sprays and crystals) produced by other brands, such as Grace (Thailand), EcoSunna (Ukraine/China), Aasha Herbals (Russia/India), Crystal (USA), Agor (Ukraine), Balea (Germany), and Chandi (Ukraine). Keep body odour at bay with Cocos and Organic Store!

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